What Does Missent Mean DHL

What Does Missent Mean DHL? Read Best Answer

What Does Missent Mean DHL? – Majority of DHL ardent users are quite conversant with the word “missent”. This is one of the terms used by DHL to explain the delivery status of a customer’s package.

However, there are several other DHL customers who may not really understand this term, this is especially as it isn’t really an American English word.

That being said, the term “missent” is one of those words DHL customers don’t want to hear concerning their packages, that’s because the word itself spells problem.

DHL is one of the top courier service providers and it is headquartered in Germany. Originally founded in California, the logistics company has grown to become one of the most patronised logistics companies in the United States.

On this article, we’ll be providing a complete answer to the question “What Does Missent Mean DHL?” We’ll also explain “what does exception mean DHL”, and what to do if package is missent.

What Does Missent Mean DHL?

At DHL, “missent” indicates that the customer’s package was sent to the wrong local post office or local sorting center. It’s essentially another way of saying that the package has been misrouted, it was sent to the wrong city.

Packages are usually sent to sorting centers or local postal facilities close to the final delivery location, each address has its designated sorting center. Therefore, a DHL package that has been sent to the wrong sorting center or postal facility will be tagged as “missent”.

What Does Exception Missent Mean DHL?

When you get the notice “exception missent” on your package tracking page, it shows that the package was misrouted and is also stuck in transit. This is to also inform the intended recipient that there will be a change to the DHL expected delivery date.

Exception missent is typically used for packages that were mistakenly sent to the wrong sorting center and is still yet to get to the right center even after being rerouted. Typically, packages that encounter this problem do get sorted out by DHL.

What Does It Mean When A Package Is Missent?

Generally, a package that is tagged “missent” means it was mistakenly sent to the wrong postal facility and is yet to be rerouted. The issue of sending packages to wrong sorting centers do happen quite often and doesn’t take so long a time to get sorted out.

Missent errors and usually discovered by the shipping company. However, they are obliged to indicate it on the package tracking page just to inform the customer of the mistake and the likeliness of having the expected delivery date extended.

What Causes Missent In DHL?

Typically, packages do get misrouted because they were loaded on the wrong truck, this is the major cause of the “missent” error you may be seeing on your package’s tracking page.

Some of these mistakes do happen because these operations are carried out by humans, there is always a possibility of a package being mistakenly put on the wrong truck which was heading to another local post office/sorting center.

How Long Does DHL Missent Take To Get Resolved?

Normally, a package that was misrouted gets rerouted as soon as the company discovers the error, this takes between 1 – 3 days. That’s basically because missent packages are always sorted manually, they take more time to get resolved and this makes them move slowly.

Secondly, the time it will take for the “missent” package to be sent to the correct postal facility or sorting center largely depend on the distance between the wrong center and the DHL warehouse, and the warehouse to the right sorting center.

My Package Says Missent, Has It Been Delivered To Wrong Address?

No, if your package reads “missent”, it means it has been mistakenly sent to the wrong sorting center, it hasn’t been delivered yet. Missent is quite different from DHL delivered to wrong address.

When you see “missent” while tracking your package, it doesn’t mean that the package has been wrongly delivered, it has just been wrongly routed, it is still within the DHL system.

What Does Missent Mean DHL

How Long Does A Missent Package Take To Arrive?

A missent package can take as long as 3 more days before it arrives, that’s just like saying 3 additional days after the expected delivery date. This can be delayed by some factors like when the next truck is leaving the wrong sorting center to the warehouse.

However, cases of package missent are always handled with urgency considering the fact that it’s purely the company’s fault. But since they are always handled manually, it typically takes a lot of time. Also read “What Does Missent Mean USPS?

USPS Missent Twice

If your USPS package was missent twice, you may wait longer than 4 days before you’ll receive the package. In some cases, it may take as long as two weeks or more.

Missent packages are always sorted out manually, the time it takes to sort out the package and the time it takes to be rerouted to the right sorting center will decide how soon you receive the package.

One of the greatest challenges that missent packages face is availability of truck to take them back to the warehouse before being rerouted to the right sorting center.

It may be difficult or impossible to send the missent package from the wrong postal facility directly to the right one, it is easier to send it back to the warehouse first before being sent to the right sorting center.

What To Do If Package Is Missent

There’s really nothing you can do when your package’s tracking status reads “missent”, you just have to wait and hope it gets resolved soon. Be assured that your package will be rerouted once the error has been discovered.

You should only reach out to the shipping company if your package tracking status says “missent” for more than 4 days and you have not also received your package.

What Does Exception Mean DHL?

At DHL, the tracking status that says “delivery exception” indicates that the package wasn’t successfully delivered due to certain issues like stuck in transit, package held by customs, wrong address, consignee unavailability, etc.

A delivery exception is just a way of telling the customer that the package’s delivery journey was impeded, it’s either the package couldn’t be delivered or it is stuck in transit. Whichever way, a delivery exception shows that the package’s delivery journey has been temporarily halted.

What Does Missent Mean On eBay?

At eBay, missent simply indicates that the package ended up being loaded on the wrong truck and taken to the wrong local post office shortly after arriving at the sorting facility.

In summary, your eBay package just went to the wrong local postal office which is not close to you, it will be sent back to the sorting facility and rerouted to the right local postal office close to the final delivery location.

What Happens When USPS Missent?

When USPS missent a customer’s package, it will be sent back to the main sorting facility once the error has been detected. The customer has no role to play in correcting the error, it is entirely the responsibility of the USPS to ensure that the package is retrieved and rerouted to the right local postal facility.

The only unfortunate thing about this whole “missent” problem is the delay in delivery, it won’t be possible for the package to be delivered on or before the expected delivery date.

Why Is My DHL Shipment Not Moving?

There could be several reasons why your shipment is not moving as expected. Delivery delays can occur due to various factors such as high shipment volumes, customs procedures, transportation disruptions, error in delivery address, or unforeseen circumstances.

In some cases, the tracking information may not be immediately updated, which can give the impression that the package is stagnant. It’s worth noting that the tracking system may not provide real-time updates in certain situations.

How Do I Know When My DHL Package Will Arrive?

To determine the estimated arrival time of your DHL package, you can use the tracking number provided to you at the time of shipment. Here’s how you can check the delivery status and estimated delivery date:

  1. Locate your DHL tracking number: You should have received a tracking number when you arranged the shipment. It is usually provided by the sender or can be found on the shipping confirmation or receipt.
  2. Visit the DHL tracking website.
  3. Enter your tracking number: Enter your tracking number in the designated field.
  4. View the tracking information: Once you enter the tracking number, the DHL tracking system will display the current status of your package. It will show you where the package is currently located and provide updates on its movement.
  5. Check the estimated delivery date: Within the tracking information, you should be able to find an estimated delivery date or a delivery timeframe. This will give you an idea of when your package is expected to arrive at its destination.

Please note that the estimated delivery date provided by DHL is based on the information available at that moment and is subject to change. External factors such as customs procedures, weather conditions, or unforeseen events can affect the delivery timeframe.


What Does Missent Mean In DHL Tracking? At DHL, missent is a term used to inform a customer that the package was mistakenly routed to the wrong local post office or sorting center.
If a package gets missent, it has to be sent back to the warehouse or main sorting facility before being rerouted to the right local postal facility.