Does Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day

Does Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day? (Read Best Answer)

Does Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day? – Just like other major logistics companies, Amazon do observe all the federal holidays.

The most popular e-commerce platform has always been shutting down operations on federal holidays giving their employees an opportunity to rest and resume duties the following day.

However, not all services are closed down during federal holidays at Amazon, there are a total of seven paid holidays at Amazon, and memorial day is one of them.

So, does Amazon deliver on memorial day? There are seven designated shipping holidays for employees at Amazon and we are going to mention these holidays.

If you were expecting your package from Amazon on Memorial Day, continue reading this article to find out if you’ll be receiving the package today or not.

Does Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day?

Currently, Amazon doesn’t make deliveries on Memorial Days, this is a federal holiday and shipping activities are put on hold till the next day.

During Memorial Day holiday, Amazon delivery drivers are not requested to make any delivery, the company doesn’t make any doorstep delivery, sellers are always informed of the automatic adjustments made to the customer promise for planned holidays.

The Memorial Day is one of the designated shipping holidays for Amazon employees, this is also a shipping holiday for the three major logistic companies in the United States; USPS, FedEx, and UPS. These three major shippers don’t operate on Memorial Day except for express packages and it isn’t always guaranteed.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Memorial Day?

There are no shipping operations at Amazon on Memorial Days both for Prime customers and others. Matter of fact, no customer will receive any delivery on any of the major federal holidays.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still order on Amazon with your Prime account, you are just not going to receive deliveries on that day.

The decision not to make deliveries on major holidays like the Memorial Day isn’t limited to a specific set of customers, there are no shipping activities for every customer on that day.

Can I Pay More For My Amazon Package To Be Delivered On Memorial Day?

You can’t get your Amazon package delivered on Memorial Day no matter how much you are willing to pay. There are really no special offers for deliveries to be made on any federal holiday at Amazon.

Since USPS, UPS, and FedEx are closed on Memorial Day, it is impossible for would be quite difficult for Amazon to make deliveries on that day, it’s a federal holiday and major shipping companies designate it as a shipping holiday.

There are other days that are designated shipping holidays at Amazon, continue reading this article to find out these days.

Does Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day

Which Days Are Designated Shipping Holidays At Amazon?

There are a total of 7 designated shipping holidays at Amazon, these days are part of the federal holidays in the United States and Amazon employees receive payments for these holidays. Below are the 7 designated shipping holidays;

  1. Independence Day
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Thanksgiving Day
  4. Labor Day
  5. New Year’s Day
  6. Christmas Day
  7. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Can I Order For Items At Amazon On Memorial Day?

Yes, customers are still able to order for items at Amazon on Memorial Day, you are not just going to receive the order on that day.

Shipping services are halted on Memorial Day at Amazon, but the e-commerce platform remains open and accessible to customers who are willing to purchase items.

Items purchased on Memorial Day at Amazon will be delivered from the next day once the company resumes shipping operations.

Does Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day Weekend?

Amazon will not deliver your package on Memorial Day whether it falls on a weekday or weekend. Irrespective of when the Memorial Day falls.

Like we’ve earlier pointed out, the Memorial Day is a designated shipping holiday, this therefore means that delivery services are suspended across all Amazon locations until the next day.

Customers who placed orders earlier will have to wait until the next day before their packages can be delivered.

Does Amazon Deliver On Easter?

Amazon delivery services are open on during the Easter holidays, all Amazon employees are mandated to continue working on Easter. You may have been wondering if the Easter holiday will have an impact on your scheduled package delivery, it won’t, you’ll possibly receive your package.

This is because the Easter holiday isn’t among the 7 paid holidays at Amazon, it isn’t one of the designated shipping holidays, this is why deliveries are made during this period.

However, you should bear in mind that your delivery on Amazon Easter delivery may not be as prompt as it should. Despite the fact that Easter isn’t one of the paid holidays and designated shipping holidays, deliveries are still slightly impacted and often delayed.

Does Amazon Deliver On Presidents Day?

In most cities, Amazon does deliveries on Presidents Day even though USPS deliveries are closed on this day.

Since USPS shipping operations are closed on Presidents Day, it therefore means that shipping at Amazon is somehow impacted and you may not get your package as early as you would expect.

Amazon deliveries on Presidents Day are only done by Amazon delivery drivers and not by third-party shipping companies like USPS, this may impact local deliveries.

Does Amazon Deliver On Christmas Eve?

Amazon do make deliveries on Christmas Eve, that is 24th December. Customers are allowed to make purchases till December 23.

Amazon allows Prime customers to send off certain gifts on Christmas Eve, this will be done through the Same-Day Delivery service offered at Amazon.

Orders placed at Amazon on December 23 can be delivered using the Next-Day or Same-Day delivery. But you can only use Same-Day Delivery for items ordered on December 24, this is only available in selected areas and has a minimum amount of purchase.

What Days Does Amazon Not Deliver?

There are mainly 7 holidays that are designated shipping holidays at Amazon, packages are not delivered on these days. These days are; Independence Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Any customer that places order on any of the designated shipping holidays will have to wait till the next day to receive the order.

Apart from the 7 paid holidays, Amazon makes deliveries on other days including other holidays like Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Easter, etc.

Will Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day?

No, since Memorial Day is one of the Federal holidays and is observed across the country, Amazon allow their employees to take a rest on that day. All deliveries are suspended on the Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is one of the paid holidays at Amazon, no deliveries are made on that day.

So, Does Amazon Deliver On Memorial Day? Presently, Amazon delivery drivers don’t work on Memorial Day, deliveries are suspended in all Amazon offices until the next day.