DHL Relocation Package

DHL Relocation Package – Complete Details

DHL Relocation Package – Quite a few DHL intending and current employees have been asking if there is any DHL relocation package. Many of them want to know if the company actually give some kind of financial support to employees who are relocating to new places because of their employment with DHL.

Let’s say you’ve just been recruited at DHL and you are living in a city different from where you’ll be working, you might be wondering if DHL will support you for the relocation.

DHL is one of the companies that ensures their employees are settled so they can concentrate on their jobs and give in their best.

That being said, is there any DHL relocation package? Does the company offer financial assistance to help their employees who are relocating so they can be closer to the DHL location they’ll be working at? We’ve made a serious research on this topic, continue reading this article to find out what we discovered.

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DHL Relocation Package

DHL relocation package is a kind of help given to new recruits who are required to relocate to another city due to their new job with DHL.

Essentially, it is a financial assistance from DHL to employees who just got hired and need to relocate from their previous location so as to get closer to the DHL office or facility they’ll be working at.

Quite frankly, this is not a popular topic among DHL employees because majority of the new recruits always work in their cities.

That being said, there are still a few recruits who need to relocate to the city where their DHL office is, this article is mainly for this set of people. Also read: Arrived At Sort Facility DHL Means

Does DHL Offer Any Relocation Help To New Hires?

Yes, DHL do offer relocation help to new hires who are required to relocate to another city to enable them work conveniently.

Being one of the companies that values the wellbeing of their employees, DHL offer lots of benefits to employees. Some new recruits can get financial assistance from the company to help them relocate.

However, there are a few factors that will determine if you re getting the DHL relocation package or not.

What Qualifies Me For A DHL Relocation Package?

Although any new recruit that is required to relocate can get financial help from the company, there are a few factors that may decide if you are getting or not.

Below are the factors that qualifies you for a DHL relocation package.

1. The Employee’s Role

DHL will swiftly offer relocation assistance to an employee who has been employed for a sensitive position in the company.

If you are recruited for a sensitive managerial or technical role, DHL will definitely offer relocation assistance so you can resume at your new office and concentrate in doing your job.

DHL employees who are considered as valuable assets do receive DHL relocation package to help them finance the relocation process and get settled in their new environment immediately. Also read: DHL Scheduled For Delivery As Agreed

DHL Relocation Package

2. The Need For The Employee To Relocate

If you’ve worked at DHL for a few months and it becomes obvious that you must relocate and leave closer to your DHL workplace, you might get a DHL relocation package.

However, this will also depend on your performance in the past months and how the company rates you. If you are seen as a serious employee who is determined to work tirelessly for the growth of the company, you’ll possibly get a relocation help from DHL. What Does Enroute Mean DHL?

3. How Long The Employee Has Worked At DHL

Normally, DHL don’t give relocation assistance to new recruits who haven’t even worked at the company before, except their recruited roles are very sensitive.

An employee may have to work for at least 6 months period before being eligible for a DHL relocation package, this is according to a former employee at DHL.

How Much Is A DHL Relocation Package?

Anything between $2,000 to $10,000, there is actually no fixed amount for a DHL relocation package. The packages are negotiable and how much an employee receives depends on several factors.

DHL may offer financial assistance to cover part of all your relocation expenses as long as your relocation will be of benefit to the company. Does DHL Update Tracking On Weekends?


Is there a DHL Relocation Package? Yes, employees who are required to relocate to as to be able to offer their services to DHL do get relocation assistance.

The DHL relocation package may not be given to employees in less-sensitive and less-technical positions. Also read: Does StockX Use DHL?