Does DHL Knock On The Door

Does DHL Knock On The Door? – Complete Answer

Surely, some courier companies do knock on the door when trying to make deliveries, but Does DHL Knock On The Door? Several customers have complained that DHL courier drivers didn’t knock on the door while trying to make delivery.

As weird as this sounds, this doesn’t isn’t a part of DHL’s policy. While attempting to make a delivery, efforts must be made to alert the intended recipient, a delivery driver is expected to really find out if no one is truly home.

Surely, it’s really difficult to actually attempt delivery at a residential location without knocking on the door, but does DHL knock on the door while trying to make deliveries? We are going to explain what commonly happens and what former recipients are saying. You can also read: Does DHL Deliver Before Estimated Date?.

On this article, you’ll get to know if DHL knock on the door while making deliveries, you’ll also know what to do if you realized you missed a delivery because the driver didn’t knock on the door.

Does DHL Knock On The Door?

Yes, DHL drivers knock on the door while making deliveries, a lot of the delivery drivers do. DHL expects it delivery drivers is expected to knock on recipients’ door while attempting to make deliveries.

A DHL delivery driver is mandated to take necessary steps to alert the recipient of his arrival. Unfortunately, many DHL drivers aren’t patient enough, some DHL drivers would not even leave the truck, they’ll just assume the recipient isn’t at home and zoom off.

The blame on why DHL doesn’t knock on the should be entirely put on their delivery drivers and not DHL. That being said, it is expected of DHL to weed out this set of drivers or urge them to always knock on the door.

Lots of DHL drivers do knock on the door, many of them don’t. It solely depends on the courier driver in your area, a good driver will always try to alert the recipient concerning the delivery, this includes knocking on the door where necessary.

If the driver assigned to deliver your DHL package is impatient, you may not hear the knock on the door, this doesn’t mean there won’t be another attempt to deliver, it’ll take place the next day.

DHL Attempted Delivery Meaning

DHL attempted delivery means that the courier man made an attempt to deliver the package to the delivery address.
Once the driver tries to deliver the package to its delivery address provided by the sender, it is termed an ‘attempted delivery’.

Attempted delivery shows that an attempt to deliver the package was made and there was no one at home to take delivery.

In cases like this, the DHL delivery driver will leave make another attempt to deliver, if it is still unsuccessful, he will leave an attempted delivery notice at the door, this will inform the intended recipient that a delivery attempt was made. Please read DHL Scheduled For Delivery As Agreed

What Should I Do After Getting DHL Attempted Delivery Notice?

You can always put a call across to your local DHL office and ask them to attempt delivery while you are around. Missing a delivery doesn’t mean you ain’t getting the package anymore or it will be returned to the sender. DHL delivery policy is quite flexible and is fashioned to perfectly provide a safe landing for customers who miss deliveries.

Understand that this will depend on the present location of the driver, it will be a lot easier if he is still around your address or still delivering on your route. If this isn’t so, you’ll need to fix a convenience delivery date.

The DHL delivery policy allows intended recipients to arrange for another delivery after receiving attempted delivery notice. This can be done on the DHL website with the package tracking number. Once the recipient successfully fix the date for another delivery attempt, the package will be delivered on that day.

DHL Attempted Delivery But I Was Home

If you were not at home when the DHL delivery man attempted delivering your package, the driver will attempt to make another delivery the next business day. If you are worried that the driver may not make another delivery attempt, you can put a call to your local DHL office and tell them you were not at home at the time of delivery.

You can call the DHL Global Forwarding office in US on 800-225-5345, ensure you have your tracking number with you. This will give you an opportunity to lodge a complain and request for the package to be redelivered.

Depending on what you tell the customer service agent, another delivery attempted may be made. Alternatively, you may be required to pick up your package at any local DHL office near you.

Does DHL Knock On The Door

DHL Lied About Attempted Delivery

Lots of customers have accused DHL of lying about attempted delivery. According to one DHL driver, most of these claims are not true, it’s rare to see a driver who will lie over an attempt to deliver a package.

Most of the times, the recipient may be busy, out of the house, or taking a nap when the delivery man arrived. After several knocks and bell ringing, the driver will leave a card, yet the customer will call to complain that the driver didn’t attempt delivery.

As a customer, the best you can do is to call DHL hotline and raise a complaint. Once this is done, a file will be opened on your delivery and you’ll be updated on the process of the investigation. DHL will also ensure that another delivery attempt is made. Also read what Arrived At Sort Facility DHL Means

Does DHL Leave Packages On Doorstep?

Yes, DHL does leave packages on doorsteps if the recipient is not home and the package is not marked as requiring a signature. However, the courier will only do this if they determine that the location is safe to leave the package. This means that they will consider factors such as the weather, the visibility of the package from the street, and the presence of any security measures, such as a locked gate or security camera.

If the courier is unable to leave the package at the doorstep, they will attempt to deliver it to a neighbor or leave a note at the door instructing the recipient to contact DHL to arrange a redelivery.

If you are concerned about the security of your packages, you can request that DHL require a signature for all deliveries. You can also leave instructions for the courier on where to leave your package if you are not home, such as in a garage or on a covered porch.

DHL Out For Delivery But Not Delivered

When your DHL package is tagged ‘out for delivery’, it means the item is with the delivery driver who has gone out to make deliveries. Out for Delivery doesn’t mean you’ll receive it immediately, your package is among other packages that are being sent out for deliveries.

It is very possible that you are going to get it before end of day. However, should they fail to deliver on that day, you should expect delivery early the following day, this is not always the case. Most of the packages tagged ‘out for delivery’ are always delivered on that particular day.

Out for delivery doesn’t translate to delivery, it is simply stating that your package is on it’s way to the delivery address. Typically, a package that is tagged ‘out for delivery’ will be delivered within 24 hours. Also Read: Does DHL Deliver To Mailbox? – Full Answer.

What Time Does DHL Deliver In My Area?

The official delivery period for DHL packages in the United States is 8:00am to 6:00pm from Monday through Friday.

Depending on the number of packages to be delivered, a package can still be delivered after 6:00pm.
In normal situations, any package that has not been delivered after 6:00pm will be delivered early the following day.

Take note that delivery location and weight of parcel can influence the time of delivery. Check with your DHL local office to know when items are delivered in your area.

DHL Your Parcel Has Been Collected Meaning

When DHL says your parcel has been collected, it means that your package has been received by the assigned recipient. If you sent a package through DHL and you get this message, it means it has been successfully delivered.

DHL usually send notifications to senders once a package has been collected by the recipient. Your parcel has been collected indicates a successful delivery, you can reach out to DHL if you get the notice but the package wasn’t delivered. Also read about DHL Relocation Package

Your Parcel Is At The Delivery Depot DHL

The notice that your parcel is at the delivery depot means that your parcel has arrived the DHL local facility close to you. A DHL delivery depot is a local DHL facility created for deliveries and drop off and usually closer to final delivery addresses.

The DHL delivery depots are created to ease deliveries and also enable customers to easily pick up their packages if they decide to.
Also, the DHL delivery depot serves as a convenience drop off location for customers who want to send parcels through DHL.

When you get the notice that your parcel is at the delivery depot, it means it is progressing towards delivery and one step close to delivery. You’ll soon receive the parcel within 1 – 2 days, you can also request to pick up the parcel at the DHL delivery depot.

What Are DHL Working Days?

The official DHL working days are Mondays through Fridays. DHL does not officially make weekend deliveries, this doesn’t rule out the fact that some deliveries are not made on weekends.

Urgently required items can be delivered during weekends with an extra fee. You can read more on DHL working days here.

SO, Does DHL Knock On The Door? Yes, several DHL delivery drivers do knock on the door to alert the intended recipient. However, some delivery drivers don’t like knocking, they’ll just assume that no one is home and zoom off.