Does Amazon Hire With Misdemeanors

Does Amazon Hire With Misdemeanors? Read Complete Answer

Anyone that wants to get hired at Amazon and has a misdemeanor in their criminal records will likely ask “Does Amazon Hire With Misdemeanors?” Frankly speaking, it’s just normal that people expect an organization like Amazon not to openly hire folks with misdemeanors.

Being undoubtedly the biggest e-commerce and retail store in the United States, Amazon has continued to maintain a revered status and the company will always do their best to stay at the top, this includes ensuring that criminals, and violent folks aren’t employed.

Since Amazon is particular about the company-customer relationship, they have been careful when hiring a former misdemeanor.

The question is “does Amazon hire with misdemeanors?” Amazon is one of the highest employers in America, it is possible to have many former misdemeanors applying to get hired.

So, how does the company handle former misdemeanors? Does Amazon hire with misdemeanors at all? If they do, what are the requirements? These are the few questions we’ll be answering on this post.

Amazon Hiring Process Background Check

The Amazon hiring application process involves all applicants passing through a background check, this is safety measure put in place by Amazon to ensure that only eligible people are employed.

During the background check, Amazon verifies the applicant’s name and address, the company also check the applicant’s past criminal record and employment history, the later may not really be a decisive factor with regards to getting employed.

Amazon background checks can be a turning point to an applicant’s hope of getting employed, what happens if the applicant had a misdemeanor? Will that stop Amazon from employing them? Well, continue reading this post to learn more.

Does Amazon Hire With Misdemeanors?

Yes, Amazon hire people with past misdemeanors depending on the type of misdemeanor the person had, it also depends on how long it happened.

While Amazon is particular about who gets hired, the company would give someone with former misdemeanor a chance to correct the wrongs. This is especially if it wasn’t a “Class A” type of misdemeanor.

As a matter of fact, you’ll likely get employed with misdemeanor if you showed honesty and sincerity during the application and interview process by clearly stating your past misdemeanors and providing accurate information about yourself.

That being said, convictions that are older than seven years won’t be considered by Amazon, that includes even “Class A” misdemeanors. The Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) clearly states that employers can only use criminal charges that hasn’t passed the seven-year limit, this starts from when the charges were filed.

Amazon is obliged to follow the FCRA act and this is why they will employ anyone with over seven years misdemeanor. Having said that, let’s now look at the misdemeanors that Amazon does hire with and which ones don’t get hired. Also read How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon

Does Amazon Hire Theft Misdemeanors?

Yes, Amazon may hire people with former theft misdemeanors especially if it was once and happened over 5 – 7 years ago, if it’s a petty theft charge, and if you don’t have repeated theft cases. On the whole, it depends on the type of theft like assault or robbery with arms, Amazon may not hire you if it was robbery and happened recently.

Since Amazon deals on product retails, hiring someone with a theft misdemeanor looks risky, but if the person has demonstrated seeable changes in character, they can get hired. Even if the person is now changed, they may not still get hired if the charges are more severe and person has more than three arrests or convictions.

From what we have gathered, Amazon has employed several folks with not-severe theft misdemeanors. However, almost all of them are on entry-level jobs, the company may not hire a theft misdemeanor to occupy a sensitive managerial position.

Lastly, if the case happened over 7 years ago, it won’t possibly reflect during the background check because Amazon background check goes back 7 years, this means you’ll easily get hired with a theft misdemeanor if it happened more than 7 years ago.

Does Amazon Hire Violent Misdemeanors?

Amazon may not easily hire you if you got convicted of domestic violence or safety-related crimes, class A misdemeanor like murder will likely stop Amazon from hiring you. Even if you were acquitted of murder, you’ll really need to brace up and argue for acquittal on the case.

That being said, having a violent misdemeanor on your criminal record gives you a serious disadvantage over other applicants at Amazon, you be lucky to eventually get hired.

Many Amazon stores are so particular when it comes to hiring people with misdemeanors, they don’t want to get entangled with folds that are involved in crimes. You may still get hired though, only if it’s a lesser crime and it happened a long time ago. Also read How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take?

Does Amazon Flex Hire Misdemeanors?

You might get hired at Amazon flex if you have a misdemeanor, this depends on the crime level and if it isn’t a felony. Since Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors, the condition for hiring isn’t too strict as long as the applicant meets all the requirements.

Majority of the misdemeanors receive clearance and get employed except on class A cases and it happened in the past 7 years. That being said, Amazon Flex isn’t quite strict on background checks since you’ll be essentially working independently, this doesn’t mean the company does not conduct background checks, it’s not just a major deciding factor when it comes to Amazon Flex.

What Will Disqualify You From Being An Amazon Driver?

You’ll be disqualified from being an Amazon driver if you have a felon on your criminal record, or if you have a misdemeanor which involved arrests and/or convictions for cases relating to safety.

Amazon is really particular in hiring drivers with past misdemeanors. If you were arrested or convicted for drunk driving in the U.S., you’ll possibly get disqualified from being an Amazon driver.

Does Amazon Hire With Misdemeanors

Does Amazon Delivery Hire Misdemeanors?

Yes, Amazon delivery do hire past misdemeanors, depending on the severity of the case, the position applied for, and when it happened.

A certain Peter Paoli claimed he has 15 felonies and has been offered a job at Amazon over a dozen times. In many cases, Amazon have shown that they are more particular about the applicant’s experience than the criminal record when it comes to entry level positions.

Does Amazon Hire With Theft Charges?

Yes, petty theft cases and theft charges that happened more than 7 years won’t stop you from getting employed at Amazon. Depending on the severity of the case, you’ll possibly get employed if you have theft charges on your criminal record.

However, the store may not employ you if the cases are more than 3, recent, and if they involved high profile robbery.

Does Amazon Hire If You Have A Warrant?

Yes, Amazon may hire you if you have a warrant as long as you meet the requirements. Amazon background checks deals on past criminal records, adjudicated or recalled warrant may not appear on background checks.

That being said, if your warrant lead to a conviction, it will definitely be a problem, other than that, you’ll possibly get employed especially if the have the required skill needed at the store. Also read How To Shut Down Amazon Seller Account

Will Amazon Hire You With A DUI?

If you were arrested or convicted more than 3 times for driving under the influence (DUI), your chances of getting hired at Amazon are quite slim. Amazon are very particular when it comes to hiring drivers, people that were associated with impaired driving, drunk driving, and other safety related cases don’t always get hide especially if they have more than one case.

Does Amazon Hire Pending Charges?

Amazon may not hire you if you have a pending charge, especially if the case is severe and you may be convicted. A pending charge in your criminal record indicates that you have a pending case, which makes it impossible to know if you’ll be free for long or convicted.

Since no one can predict the outcome of the case, Amazon would not want to employ you, it may also depend on the case. Pending charge involving cases like domestic or family violence may not really be a problem.

In summary, Amazon may not hire you if there is a pending charge, they may even delay the employment until it is cleared if possible. Also read Does Amazon Deliver To The Virgin Islands?

Does Amazon DSP Hire Misdemeanors?

Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) will hire a misdemeanor as long as you don’t try to hide it, not theft related, and didn’t happen multiple times. However, the company usually overlooks majority of the cases, you basically need to have a drivers license and meet other requirements.