Amazon FBA Calculator Widget

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget – Read Best Guide

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget – One of the essential tools for Amazon sellers is the FBA calculator, it is one tool that helps sellers to have an idea of the profit they would possibly make from selling a particular product.

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms worldwide, with millions of buyers flooding the platform, selling has become very competitive.

As a seller, you must have a fair knowledge of the product you are about to sell and also know the potential profit you’ll be making.

The Amazon FBA Calculator Widget is a must-have for every serious seller that wants to be successful, it helps you to know your expenses beforehand and also know the profit you be possibly making in selling a particular product.

On this article, we’ll give you a guide on how to get Amazon FBA Calculator widget, you’ll also learn how to install Amazon FBA Calculator widget Firefox.

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What Is Amazon FBA Calculator?

An Amazon FBA Calculator is a tool that allows sellers to know the estimated profit they’ll possibly make from selling a particular product on Amazon. An Amazon FBA Calculator will help the seller to decide if it’ll be profitable to use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), or use Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM).

With the Amazon FBA Calculator, a seller will have a fair knowledge of the potential expenses, this helps them to select products with lower expenses, thereby maximizing their profits.

Additionally, a seller will be able to get important product information using an Amazon FBA Calculator, this information comes free.

How Does Amazon FBA Calculator Work?

The Amazon FBA Calculator makes use of several data details to provide estimated expenses and profit for a product on Amazon.

Below are the information that an Amazon FBA Calculator provides a seller;

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Monthly Storage Fees
  • Estimated Monthly Profit
  • Total FBA Fees
  • Net Margin
  • Referral Fee
  • Profit Per Unit
  • Fulfilment Fees

Additionally, an Amazon FBA Calculator makes use of the most precise data on fee and commission helping the seller to select the best product for sell.

A seller will be well kitted to make the proper decision whether to sell a particular product and also if it’s profitable to sell it through FBA or FBM.

How To Use Amazon FBA Calculator On Amazon Seller Central

The Amazon FBA Calculator can be accessed by both registered customer and guests on the Amazon seller central page.
All you need is to have details of the product you want to sell, follow the steps below on how to use Amazon FBA Calculator on Amazon website.

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget
  • Visit the Amazon FBA Calculator on your browser.
  • Scroll down a bit under the “Generate Estimate By Entering Product Information”, select the Amazon Store.
  • Select unit of measurement.
  • Insert package dimensions and unit weight.
  • Select the product category.
  • Insert the item price.
  • Type in the shipping charge.
  • Press the “Estimate” button when you are done.

However, if you want to install the Amazon FBA Calculator widget on your browsers, continue reading this article.

How To Get Amazon FBA Calculator Widget Chrome

The Amazon FBA Calculator widget is available as a browser extension, this means you can install it on your system by adding the extension on your Chrome browser.
Follow the steps below on how to get Amazon FBA calculator widget.

This will successfully add the Amazon FBA Calculator extension to your Chrome browser. Continue reading this article to know how to use the extension to calculate potential profits.

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget Firefox

The Amazon FBA Calculator Widget is also available for Firefox browsers, all you have to do is to add the extension to your Firefox browser.

Follow the steps below on how to add Amazon FBA Calculator Widget Firefox.

  • Open your Firefox browser.
  • Visit and search for “Amazon FBA Calculator Widget” or click here.
  • Click “Add to Desktop”.

The Amazon FBA Calculator extension will be added to your Firefox, you can then use it to get estimated profit on products you want to sell on Amazon.

Is Amazon FBA Calculator Accurate?

An Amazon FBA Calculator gives an estimate of the profit you’ll possibly make based on several factors, the figures are not entirely accurate despite the fact that it uses accurate data from Amazon.

Amazon has clearly issued a disclaimer to this effect, the company advised sellers to only use the FBA Calculator as a guide and not solely depend on it.

Essentially, an Amazon FBA Calculator gives you an idea of what you’ll spend and the profit you’ll make in selling a particular product on Amazon. It gives you a chance to analyse a product’s maximum profit potential.

The Amazon FBA Calculator tool was created to help sellers to select only products that will give them profits after sell on Amazon. A seller can now calculate a product’s most optimal price range using the FBA calculator.

How To Use Amazon FBA Calculator Chrome and Firefox

The process of using the Amazon FBA Calculator on both Chrome and Firefox is quite different from using it on Amazon Seller Central.
Follow the steps below on how to use Amazon FBA Calculator on Chrome and Firefox.

  • Install the Amazon FBA Calculator extension on your browser. (Follow steps we have mentioned on this article).
  • Visit Amazon website, search for the product and open the product’s listing page.
  • Look at the top-right corner of the browser and click on the FBA Calculator extension icon.
  • Insert the product ASIN if not inserted automatically.
  • In the FBA column, insert the price you want to sell the product for.
  • Click the “Calculate” button once you are done.

The net amount will be displayed at the bottom of the column, you can now deduct the cost of the product from the amount to see the potential profit you’ll make.