Amazon Auto Booker

Amazon Auto Booker – Best 5 Auto Bookers

Amazon Auto Booker – Just in case you are a truck owner or you have access to a truck in the United States and you are wondering how to make money with the truck, you can become an Amazon Relay driver.

The Amazon Relay job is quite a lucrative one and you can make as much as $65,000 in annual income just being a relay driver for Amazon.

However, it just doesn’t stop at owning or having access to a truck, you need to ensure that you are always online to check for available loads and book anyone you find suitable, this is where Amazon Auto Booker comes in.

On this article, you will read about the best Amazon auto bookers both free and paid, as well as how to make use of an Amazon Auto Booker to boost your productivity, this will result in more income.

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What Is Amazon Auto Booker?

An Amazon Auto Booker is an application that helps an Amazon Relay driver to find best loads get notifications on new loads and automate bookings.

With an Amazon Auto Booker, a Relay driver can search for the full truck loads opportunities at Amazon and book anyone they find suitable.

Amazon Auto Bookers are usually created in an extension format, this means you can get them installed in your system by adding them as a chrome extension.

Continue reading this article to learn more about Amazon Auto Booker and how to get it.

Features Of An Amazon Auto Booker

An Amazon Auto Booker is built to simplify the process of searching for loads and booking by an Amazon Relay driver. A good Amazon Auto Booker must have the following features.

  • Able to alert the driver on new loads and rate changes. If you’ve installed an Amazon Auto Booker, you should be able to get notifications when rates change and new loads are added on the load board.
  • Have an advanced filter that enables searching for best loads.
  • Able to automatically book loads that meet certain criteria.
  • Able to save trips that get uploaded on the loadboard to the driver’s database.

Having listed the features of a good Amazon Auto Booker, lets talk about some of the best Amazon Auto Bookers.

Best Amazon Auto Booker

1. Relay Auto Booker Refresher Rocket PRO

This is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular Amazon Auto Bookers. This Relay Auto Booker Refresher Rocket PRO has all the features of a perfect Amazon Auto Booker.
The Relay Auto Booker Refresher Rocket PRO has the ability to save last 50 trips which showed up on the loadboard to the driver’s database. Once a load matches the driver’s criteria, this app will automatically book it.
You can install the Relay Auto Booker Refresher Rocket PRO by adding it to your Chrome.
Price: The Relay Auto Booker Refresher Rocket PRO price starts from $49.99 per month.

2. Gill Auto Booker (Amazon Relay)

The Gill Auto Booker (Amazon Relay) is another reliable Amazon Auto Booker that can be installed as a Chrome Extension and also has an Android app.
The Gill Auto Booker (Amazon Relay) can auto book loads, auto refresh loads with editable frequency. It has a fast booking capability and can randomize the process.
Also, this app has the ability to move new load to the top of the app so a driver can also check them out.

3. Rolling Global Digital

The Rolling Global Digital Auto Booker has the feature that Auto Book loads that the driver had previously missed, it also auto book loads that meet a driver’s desired criteria.
Also, the Rolling Global Digital Auto Booker can also multi-task and monitor loads, it automatically refreshes load on the Amazon Relay Load Board, this helps drivers to make use of the high rates whenever they are ready.
Price: The Rolling Global Digital Auto Booker plan starts from $79 per month with a 7-day free trial.


There are many exciting features that SWIFTRELAY offers, apart from auto booking loads, it also auto refreshes loads. This app gives drivers more control and accuracy when booking loads.
Additionally, SwiftRelay also has the booking time control, and the build ideal route feature.
Price: The SwiftRelay plan starts from $49.95 and you can install them from Chrome store.

5. Amazon Relay Digital Helper

The Amazon Relay Digital Helper is also one of the best Amazon Auto Bookers you can have around. This app can auto book loads, and help drivers to get the best possible deals, this is done by auto refreshing the Amazon Relay load board.
Drivers can set filters that allows the app to auto book loads based on their configurations.
It has a price increase detection, maximum allowed stops, auto book on price increase and 1-click book feature.
The Amazon Relay Digital Helper plan starts from $49.99 per month.

Amazon Auto Booker

Amazon Relay Auto Booker Free

There are a few Amazon Relay Auto Bookers that offer 7 days free trial, this gives you the opportunity to access the app and decide if it’s fits your Amazon Auto Booker requirement.
See some of the free Amazon Relay Auto Bookers below.

  1. Relay Auto Booker Refresher Rocket PRO – Offers 7 days free trial which can be cancelled without payment.
  2. Gill Auto Booker (Amazon Relay)
  3. Rolling Global Digital – Offers a 7-day free trial.

How To Use Amazon Auto Booker

To be able to use an Amazon Auto Booker, you must first install it as a Chrome Extension, this will enable the app to work when you have signed in to your Amazon Relay account.

Follow the steps below on how to use Amazon Auto Booker.

  • Add an Amazon Auto Booker as a Chrome Extension.
  • Visit the Amazon Relay website and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the Amazon Auto Booker icon at the top-right corner of the Chrome browser and activate the extension.
  • Follow prompt to set-up extension depending on the type of Auto Booker you selected.