What Does USPS In Possession Of Item Mean

What Does USPS In Possession Of Item Mean? – Full Details

Lots of customers have been asking What Does USPS In Possession Of Item Mean? Quite frankly, not everyone understands most of the terms used by USPS. So you’re expecting a delivery from USPS, while trying to track the package, you get the message ‘USPS in Possession of Item’. If you are wondering what this means, you are in the right place and we will tell you everything you need to know.

The USPS is one of the reliable couriers in the United States and it has been operational for years. Lots of people using USPS to ship their items have been surfing the internet trying to find What Does USPS In Possession Of Item Mean? USPS does delivery of both domestic and international shipments for people residing in the United States. The phrase ‘in possession if item’ is one of the terms commonly used to inform customers of their package’s present shipping status, there are other terms like ‘arrived at hub‘, etc.

This article will attempt to provide answers to several common questions concerning USPS shipment, grab a drink and read on. You can click on any of the subheads below to take you straight to its contents or read everything down. Also read: Does USPS Deliver Twice A Day?

What Does USPS In Possession Of Item Mean?

For international shipment, the message “USPS In Possession Of Item” insinuates that the parcel is undergoing inspection in the Customs. For domestic deliveries, it means that USPS is in physical possession of your package.

If you are getting this message for your international shipment, do not worry, the status will change once the whole process is complete. Except there is a problem with the documents submitted, packages at Customs don’t take long to get cleared. When a domestic package shows this message, it means that you will be getting your package soon as it has been received by USPS.

Generally, the USPS tracking status “In Possession of Item” means that the package has been scanned by USPS and is now in their possession. This is the first tracking status that you will see after the package has been dropped off at the post office or shipped by a third-party carrier.

Once the package is in the possession of USPS, it will be scanned again as it moves through the USPS network. The tracking status will update to reflect the package’s location and the next steps in its journey.

The “In Possession of Item” status does not guarantee that the package will be delivered on time. There may be delays in the shipping process due to weather, peak season volume, or other factors. However, if the package is scanned as “In Possession of Item”, it is a good indication that it is on its way to you. Find out if OnTrac uses USPS

What Is USPS?

USPS is an acronym for the United States Postal Service, it is an independent agency which provides postal services for people in the United States. The USPS is an agency of the US federal government’s executive branch.

Charged with the sole responsibility of delivering mailbox-bound mails and other packages, USPS is no doubt the leading force in the United States logistics sector. Apart from handling deliveries for individuals, USPS also handles deliveries other logistic companies like FedEx, Amazon, and DHL.

It is a common knowledge that using USPS for local deliveries is the cheapest compared with what is obtainable in other logistic companies. This is why they are notable for local deliveries in the United States. Read how long does USPS awaiting items take

How To Track USPS Shipments

Packages and mails sent via USPS can be tracked easily, information regarding the status of the package or mail will be revealed once the recipient or shipper tracks the item. You can track your USPS shipment easily using the shipment tracking number.
With the tracking number, you can see the status as well as the location of your package. To track your USPS shipment, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the USPS tracking tool here.
  • Enter the tracking number of the parcel you want to track.
  • Click on ‘Track’.
    You’ll see details on the package and its current location.

How To Track Multiple USPS Shipments

USPS has this unique feature of allowing customers to tract more than one single package or mail. With the USPS tracking tool, you can track the shipment status of up to 35 packages at a go. Information on these packages or mails will be displayed at once and you don’t have to open separate pages to view them. To track multiple shipments, follow the steps given below;

  • On your browser, visit the USPS tracking tool.
  • Enter the tracking number of the parcels you want to track. Each of these tracking numbers should be separated by comma.
  • Once you are done, click on ‘Track’.
    The shipping status of these shipments will be displayed on the screen.


What Does USPS In Possession Of Item Mean

USPS In Possession Of Item No Update

If you are not getting any new update ever since you got the ‘USPS In Possession Of Item’ message, it is either the delivery process has been slowed down by conditions which hindered your package or mail from getting to its ultimate destination, or your package is yet to be cleared at the Customs.

Also, it is possible that your package is still being processed, this is the most common reason for a package to be stuck on the “USPS in possession of item” status. Packages can take some time to be processed, especially during peak shipping times or if they are being shipped to a remote location.

Your package may be waiting for a scan at FedEx, not all packages are scanned every step of the way. Sometimes, a package will only be scanned when it is first received by USPS and then again when it is delivered. If your package is not being scanned regularly, it may appear to be stuck on the “USPS in possession of item” status.

Another reason could be that your package is lost, it is possible for packages to get lost in the mail. If your package has been stuck on the “USPS in possession of item” status for more than a week or two, it is possible that it has been lost.

Lastly, your package or mail may not have been scanned at stopping points since it left origin to destination. It may have missed being scanned, this is probably why you are not receiving an update on the status. Read about USPS Tracking Plus

USPS Is Now In Possession Of Your Item Stuck

Your package may get stuck after it was received by USPS. Reasons for this could be damage, tracking failure by USPS, or loss for domestic parcels. Wrong or incomplete address could be another reason, improper packaging, problem with sorting, and issues with size or weight could get your package stuck.
If you find yourself in this situation, you need to contact your local post office to submit a search query through USPS.

For international parcels, there may be a delay in Custom inspection, there are several factors that may be responsible for the delay in Customs, you should reach out to USPS to actually find out what is delaying your package and why you are not getting update.

USPS In Possession Of Item International

When you get this message while tracking international shipment, it means that your parcel is at the Customs to be inspected, international shipment must be cleared by Customs, this is one process that can not be fastened.

The ‘in possession of item’ status will change once your package has been cleared at Customs.
At this point, there is nothing USPS or you can do than to wait for the package to be cleared. However, if it takes too long, there could be a problem with the documents or more documents are required, this is when you should get in touch with your shipper. Read what Departed Shipping Partner Facility mean at USPS

USPS In Possession Of Item For 10 Days

If you are getting this same message even after 10 days, you need to contact USPS or the sender to find out what could be the problem.
It is possible that there is something blocking your package from being delivered. It could be damaged, lost, or the case of a wrong address. If t is a wrong address, your sender has to send the correct address or you can redirect the item to any postal office close to you so you can pick it up yourself.

Is it an international shipment? There may be some additional information required by the Customs before it will be cleared. Shipments shouldn’t take up to 10 days to be cleared, reaching out to your shipper will get you all the information you need.

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USPS In Possession Of Item How Long Does It Take?

Typically, domestic parcels should take a couple of days to get delivered. Once your order enters the USPS delivery process, the status will probably change. There are cases where your package will truly be on its way to the destination address but the status will still remain unchanged, you should not be worried as it is likely that the package has not been scanned while on its way from origin to destination.

Always ensure that the address provided for delivery of the package or mail is correct, providing an incorrect address can lead to the item being delivered to the wrong address or never delivered.

USPS In Possession Of Item For 2 Weeks

In normal situations, your package should not remain in one location for 2 weeks. If this is the case, it is obvious you need to reach out to either USPS or the sender so as to find out why it is delaying. This is necessary because your shipment is not supposed to remain undelivered for 2 weeks, it is clear that there is a problem somewhere.

Like we have said earlier, incorrect address could be the reason, that is if its a local delivery. Do well to reach out to appropriate authorities to search for your package. Also read what Missent mean at USPS

How Do You Know If USPS Has Your Package?

There are a few ways to know if USPS has your package, read them below:

  • Check the tracking number. If your package has a tracking number, you can enter it on the USPS tracking website or app to see its current status. The tracking status will tell you if the package has been received by USPS, is in transit, or has been delivered.
  • Sign up for Informed Delivery. Informed Delivery is a free service from USPS that shows you digital previews of your incoming mail, including packages. If you have a package that is being shipped to you, it will show up in your Informed Delivery notifications.
  • Contact the sender. If you don’t have the tracking number or you’re not signed up for Informed Delivery, you can contact the sender of the package. They should be able to provide you with the tracking number or tell you if the package has been shipped.

If you’ve checked the tracking number, signed up for Informed Delivery, and contacted the sender, and you still can’t find your package, you can file a missing mail search request with USPS. To do this, you’ll need to provide the sender’s address, the recipient’s address, the date of mailing, and a description of the package.


We hope you now understand What Does USPS In Possession Of Item Mean? It means your package or mail has been received into the USPS delivery network and should commence its delivery journey, that s for domestic deliveries. You can redirect the delivery to the nearest post office so you can pick it up.

If it’s an international shipment, “USPS In Possession Of Item ” mean that the item is presently going through clearance at Customs. Although, this may take a little while, there is no reason to worry as your package will typically be cleared soon.