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eBay Feedback Generator – Read Best Guide

eBay Feedback Generator – Feedback is an essential part of a business growth on eBay. A positive feedback helps a seller to get more buyers, this is because lots of intended buyers always go through feedbacks before deciding to purchase a particular product.

Even as a buyer, getting positive feedbacks will help to build your reputation on eBay, it gives sellers the confidence to actually transact with you.

That being said, most people do not have the time to craft feedbacks, this is where an eBay Feedback Generator comes in, this tool helps both buyers and sellers to generate either positive, neutral, or negative feedbacks.

On this article, we will explain what an eBay Feedback Generator is all about, and show you some of the best eBay Feedback Generators.

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What Is eBay Feedback Generator?

An eBay Feedback Generator is a tool that helps eBay users to automatically generate a feedback to be posted after a transaction on the marketplace.

With a feedback generator, a user can get suggestions for comments on a particular transaction on eBay. This tool is basically useful to buyers and sellers who constantly engage in lots of transactions on the platform.

Using this tool to generate feedbacks for your transactions will help you save time. The took is can be used by both sellers and buyers, continue reading to learn how to use this tool. Also read: PSP-7907-12088 eBay.

Functions Of eBay Feedback Generator

Generally, an eBay feedback generator suggests either negative, positive, or neutral feedbacks to eBay users that need feedback suggestions to use on their recent transactions.

With this tool, it becomes easy for both sellers and buyers to generate random feedbacks for their transactions without having to crack their brains to write them. You can generate feedbacks as many times as possible from majority of the feedback generators.

Who Should Use An eBay Feedback Generator?

Essentially, the eBay Feedback Generator can be used by both sellers and buyers on eBay. Whether you are buying or selling, you can find these tools quite useful if you have lots of daily transactions.

For users who have several daily transactions, writing feedbacks for each transaction can be a bit stressful especially if you are a buyer. In such cases, you make use of a feedback generator to help you automatically generate feedbacks which you can now copy and paste on the feedback box.

There are several feedback generators on the internet, we’ll briefly show you some of the popular ones. Any of these tools can be used by both sellers and buyers to generate either positive, neutral, or negative feedbacks.

The importance of having positive feedbacks on your eBay account can never be overemphasised, it’s essentially the best way to grow your reputation in the marketplace.

A seller that sends positive feedbacks for transactions stands a great chance of getting a positive feedback from the buyer, this is one of the reasons lots of eBay sellers depend on eBay feedback generators to help them generate positive feedbacks for their teaming clients. Also read: Squarespace eBay Integration.

How To Use An eBay Feedback Generator

To generate feedbacks using any of the online tools, you essentially need to visit their website and follow instructions on the website to generate feedbacks, you can then copy them and insert into the feedback box on eBay.

For example, The Surrealist feedback generator is one of the most popular feedback generators, you can use it to generate feedbacks up to 120 words. The tool allows you to select details to mention like packing, rating, speed, and quality. Also read: How To Change The Currency On eBay

eBay Feedback Generator

See how to use an eBay feedback generator like Thesurrealist below.

  • Visit Thesurrealist website.
  • Scroll down and select “eBay Feedback Generator” under “Gibberish Generators”.
  • Select if the feedback is for a seller or buyer.
  • Select details to mention in the feedback “quality, speed, packing, and rating.
  • Insert the maximum characters (60-120).
  • Choose the feedback type; positive, indifferent, or negative.
  • Select vocabulary; basic or frivolous.
  • Click the “Generate Feedback” button.
  • Copy the feedback and paste on the eBay feedback box.

Types Of eBay Feedback Generators

There are several feedback generators that you can use to generate feedbacks for your eBay transactions. See some of them below.

  1. Thesurrealist: this feedback generator is useful for both sellers and buyers, it allows you to automatically generate positive, neutral, and negative feedbacks between 60 – 120 words. This tool also allows users to select the transaction details they want to comment on.
  2. Turboseotools: this tool randomly generates feedbacks for both sellers and buyers. It is a simple tool that you can use anytime, it keeps suggesting feedbacks for you as you click the “Suggest Feedback” button.
    Although, this tool doesn’t give users options to make their preferences, you’ll possibly find a nice feedback from the various suggestions.
  3. Tools.FromDev: this is another useful tool for generating eBay feedbacks. Just like Turboseotools, you only need to keep pressing the “Suggest Feedback” button for new feedbacks to come up for both sellers and buyers.
    The buyer feedback is on top, while the seller feedback is the one below.

Are eBay Feedback Generators Free?

Yes, majority of the feedback generators are free and there are no limits to how many feedbacks you can generate in a day. However, there are limits to the number of words you can generate, almost all of them allow a majority of 120 words. Also read: Are eBay Catalytic Converters Good?


eBay Feedback Generators are quite useful especially for sellers and buyers who have lots of daily transactions on eBay.

These tools help users to automatically generate either positive, negative, or neutral feedbacks for their recent transactions on eBay.
A feedback generator can help a seller to quickly send feedbacks to buyers after sales, this will encourage the buyer to give a positive feedback too.