Does Walmart Sell BuzzBallz

Does Walmart Sell BuzzBallz? Read Best Answer

This post provides answer to the question “Does Walmart Sell BuzzBallz?” Being one of the top retailers in the United States, several lovers of BuzzBallz have been recently asking if they can find those drinks at Walmart.

BuzzBallz is one of the known alcoholic drinks that are very popular in the U.S. Surprisingly, some top retailers like Amazon don’t sell BuzzBallz, the question now is does Walmart sell BuzzBallz?

On this post, we are providing the most comprehensive answwer to this question, you will also find out where to buy BuzzBallz online.

So, does Walmart sell BuzzBallz? Currently, doesn’t sell BuzzBallz, this includes both in their physical stores and online. However, a BuzzBallz Blueberry Chiller was listed on the Walmart website but out of stock. Continue reading this post to learn more about BuzzBallz and why you can’t find them at Walmart.

About BuzzBallz

BuzzBallz are 15% alcohol by volume drinks produced with different flavors like cranberry, chocolate tease, strawberry, choco, lime, and mixed with vodka, tequila, and others.

For your beach, picnics, house party, and even personal time, BuzzBallz cocktails are crafted with premium ingredients and natural flavors to give you, your friends, and family a wonderful drinking experience.

Does Walmart Sell BuzzBallz?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not currently sell BuzzBallz, you can’t buy them at any Walmart physical location, app or website. As per our research, the only BuzzBallz chiller that was listed on Walmart website is out of stock and it as remained this way for a few years.

It has been years since Walmart sold BuzzBallz chillers and BuzzBallz Cocktails, the popular retail stores stopped selling them some years ago, this explains why you won’t find any BuzzBallz product at both Walmart physical locations and website. Also read Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Lobsters?

Does Walmart Sell BuzzBallz Online?

No, Walmart doesn’t currently sell BuzzBallz Chillers and BuzzBallz Cocktails on their website and app, the only BuzzBallz product listed on Walmart website is the Chillers and it has been out of stock for a long time. That being said, you can buy BuzzBallz from other online stores like H-E-B, Total Wine, Uptown Spirits, and Drizly.

If you are still bent on buying alcohol drink from Walmart, there are various alcohol drinks available on their website and app like whiskeys, rum, etc.

Why Does Walmart Not Sell BuzzBallz Anymore?

Although there has been no official statement as to why Walmart has stopped selling BuzzBallz, it is pretty certain there must have been a business fallout between the producers of the drink and Walmart management.

The closest we could get to getting facts about BuzzBallz and Walmart is a post made by Forbes about 8 years ago. On that post, the owner of BuzzBallz was merely explaining why the change in Walmart’s displays affected their sales, she also indicated that they met with Walmart and they are looking to help them, that may have been the beginning of the end for BuzzBallz products at Walmart. Also read When Does Walmart Restock Hot Wheels?

Does Walmart Sell BuzzBallz

Where To Buy BuzzBallz Online

There are several websites you can easily buy BuzzBallz from and have them delivered to your door within hours. Below are some of the top stores selling BuzzBallz online.

  1. Drizly: This is one of the major sellers of BuzzBallz Cocktails and BuzzBallz Chillers online. Depending on your location, your purchases can be delivered to you within an hour. Drizly have almost all the different flavors of BuzzBallz which gives you options to select from.
  2. GotoLiquorStores: This is another online store that sells BuzzBallz and they will deliver directly to your doorstep in a short time. Visit their website, search for BuzzBallz in the “spirit” category and you’ll find all types of BuzzBallz products.
  3. Big K Market Liquor: You can also buy various flavors of BuzzBallz at this popular online liquor store. They have almost all the BuzzBallz flavors and deliveries are made within a few hours.
  4. Uptown Spirits: Different flavors of BuzzBallz and other rare whiskeys are sold at this popular online liquor store.
  5. Total Wine: One of the top stores you can find different flavors of BuzzBallz in the United States is Total Wine. The store has many pickup locations for customers and they are open from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  6. H-E-B: This is one of the top stores selling BuzzBallz online in the U.S. At H-E-B, you’ll find different varieties of BuzzBallz and you can easily place your order and have it delivered to your location.

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Walmart doesn’t currently sell BuzzBallz drinks both in-stores and online, the popular retail stores stopped selling BuzzBallz Chillers and BuzzBallz Cocktails several years ago.

You can buy BuzzBallz drinks from other retail and liquor shops we have listed on this post and have them delivered to you within hours.