Does HEB Take Apple Pay

Does HEB Take Apple Pay 2023? – Complete Answer

Does HEB Take Apple Pay? – There are several payment methods accepted at HEB. Unfortunately, Apple Pay isn’t one of the payment methods you can use to pay for purchases at HEB.

There are obvious reasons why Apple Pay isn’t accepted as a payment method at HEB, this article will discuss this in detail. Apart from Apple Pay, there are lots of other popular payment options that are not accepted at HEB, Google Pay, and Samsun Pay, are just a few of them.

Despite not being accepted at HEB, Apple Pay remains one of the most widely accepted payment methods especially in the United States, this is because of the several excellent features that come with the payment platform, more on this as you continue reading.
On this article, we’ll discuss the different payment methods accepted by HEB, as well as guide on how to use H-E-B Go for payments.

So, Does HEB Take Apple Pay? Keep reading this article to find the answer and why.

Does HEB Take Apple Pay?

Currently, HEB doesn’t take Apple Pay, this means you can’t use the Apple owned mobile payment platform to pay for purchases at HEB.
As at 2023, HEB hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the possibility of accepting Apple Pay in the future.

There has been speculations that they are considering accepting Apple Pay soon. In August 2021, some HEB representatives where alleged to have stated that the company is working on accepting Apple Pay and other online payment options, no doubt that customers are hoping this becomes a reality.

Despite not accept Apple Pay, HEB offers their customers several other payment alternatives which are equally secured and fast.
HEB has a secured payment platform known as HEB Go, this payment method is widely used by customers to pay for purchases, this is a contactless technology and fully controlled by HEB.
On this article, we’ll give you more details on HEB Go and other payment options available for customers at HEB. Also Read: Can You Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

What Is HEB?

HEB or H-E-B Grocery is a supermarket chain privately owned and headquartered in Texas, United States. The company is notable for sales of organic foods, bakeries, delis, butcher shops, seafood counters, fruit & vegetables, dairy & eggs, beverages, etc.

It is one of the most trusted and reliable supermarket chain in the United States and the company continually strive to offer wonderful shopping experiences for their teaming customers.

HEB currently has over 340 stores across Texas, and northeast Mexico. Apart from operating a supermarket, HEB also operates a Central Market, retailing of organic and fine foods.

Products And Services Offered At HEB

H-E-B are into sales of different category of items, this include bakery & bread, pantry, fruit & vegetable, meat & seafood, dairy & eggs, everyday essentials, beverages, deli & prepared food, frozen food, health & beauty, pets, pharmaceuticals, and wellness.

The company also offer prescription services, refill prescription, primary care, and health services.

HEB is one of the companies focusing on providing wonderful shopping experiences to their customers, this is why company launched its own payment platform to ensure customers pay for products and services easily. Also read Does Panera Take Apple Pay?

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a safe, secure, and fast digital wallet mobile payment service owned by Apple INC. The Apple Pay platform allows customers to make online and offline payments in iOS apps, in person, and on the website via Safari browser.

The Apple Pay app is available for iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone users, the app can’t be used on any device that isn’t made by Apple. This means you can’t use the Apple Pay app on Android devices.

Apple users can easily pay for items using the Apple Pay app at any store that accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

Just like other third-party payment platforms, you need to add your card to your Apple Pay, this will enable the transfer of funds from your bank account for payment of products and services via the Apple Pay app.

Is It Safe To Use Apple Pay For Online Payments?

Without any doubt, Apple Pay is one of the safest payment options, the platform offers secure and safe processing of online payments.
Apple Pay users enjoy fast online payment experience, customer information like credit cards are well secured.
You can simply make payment for your purchases by holding your phone close to a sensor at checkout, this will complete the payment and you don’t have to bring out your card.
With the Touch ID fingerprint scanner feature that is available on Apple Pay, you can lock and unlock your app with your fingerprint, this offers another assuring level of security.
Lastly, Apple Pay offers accuracy and speed, transactions are completely within seconds, customers don’t have to insert numbers or details, it’s much more faster than paying with credit cards. Also read Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?

Does H-E-B Accept Apple Pay?

H-E-B doesn’t accept Apple Pay, the Apple owned payment platform is considered as a competition to the HEB owned payment feature known as HEB Go. Apart from Apple Pay, HEB doesn’t accept online payment methods that require customers to insert their cards for payment to be processed. This is because such platforms are the same as H-E-B Go, they don’t really bring anything new to the company.

Several customers that own Apple Pay accounts have been calling on HEB to include Apple Pay as one of the payment options, the company hasn’t made any official statement regarding these calls yet.

Why Is HEB Not Accepting Apple Pay?

HEB isn’t currently accepting Apple Pay because the payment platform is seen as a competition to HEB Go, a payment option owned and operated by H-E-B.

Secondly, HEB wants to ensure that customers’ data are securely stored and not shared with any third-party, this is probably the second reason the company isn’t accepting Apple Pay.

Lastly, a user had earlier claimed that HEB isn’t accepting Apple Pay because Apple demands a fee for allowing NFC, we don’t really know how true is this statement. However, we do know that Apple Pay charges high transaction fees as against what others are charging.

HEB currently has other payment options that still guarantees a wonderful shopping experience for customers, continue reading this article to learn about the payment options available at HEB. Also read Does Academy Take Apple Pay?

Does HEB Take Apple Pay

Does H-E-B Accept Google Pay?

Does HEB Take Google Pay: Unfortunately, H-E-B doesn’t accept Google Pay as one of the payment options yet. The company is actually working hard to promote HEB Go by offering contactless payment options, they don’t currently accept other contactless payment methods, this includes Google Pay.

According to a feedback response by H-E-B via Twitter, the company is making several moves to reduce contact at register. The response also states that HEB wants to eliminate screen touch during payment amount confirmation as well as the need for customers to sign for their purchases.

Does H-E-B Accept Mobile Pay?

H-E-B doesn’t currently accept Mobile Pay, the online mobile payment method accepted at the retail store is H-E-B Go, which is owned and operated by the company.

H-E-B customers are required to download and install the H-E-B Go app on their devices before they can make payments on their mobile devices. Also read Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay?

Payment Methods Accepted At HEB

HEB has several other payment options available for customers, these include; HEB Go, American Express, Cash, MasterCard, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, Personal Checks, and Delta.

In the nutshell, HEB doesn’t accept payment methods owned by individual companies like Google, Samsung, Apple, etc. They only accept cards, checks, and HEB Go. Read the next paragraph to see payment options that aren’t accepted at HEB.

Payment Methods That Are Not Accepted At HEB

Payment platforms like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Paypal, Starter Checks, and Google Pay, AfterPay, Klarna, QuadPay, OpenPay, and Zip Pay, are not accepted at HEB, this is because they are mainly third-parties.

HEB do not want their payment process to be redirected to another platform, this is a risk and could expose customers’ data.
So if you are wondering why HEB doesn’t accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and co, you have your answer now. Also read Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay?

Does HEB Have Touch Pay?

Presently, HEB does not accept Touch Pay, it is not clear if the company will accept Touch Pay in the future.
Like we’ve explained before, HEB doesn’t accept payment methods that are operated by third-parties, this is why they only accept credit cards and their own payment option called ‘HEB Go’.

TouchPay is an automated payment machine (APM) allowing customers to pay their bills without hassle. It is one of the most convenient, secure, and easy means of making payments.

What Is HEB Go?

H-E-B Go is a payment platform owned and operated by H-E-B. The payment feature is available for Android and Apple users.
H-E-B Go reduces contact while shopping, it also saves time and minimizes surfaces touches.

Does HEB Take Apple Pay

In summary, the H-E-B Go app allows customers to scan their shopped items, it helps them to checkout quickly at self checkout locations or central checkout.

Customers are able to scan their checkout QR codes and make payment at any of the dedicated H-E-B Go checkout kiosks.
Items that were not scanned can be scanned from the basket using the H-E-B Go app.

Any customer that wants to checkout at any H-E-B Go checkout kiosk must add a card on account. Other checkout lanes doesn’t require having a card saved on the customer’s account, the customer will be able to pay the normal way. Also read Does Dollar Tree Accept Apple Pay?

How To Use H-E-B Go To Make Payment At HEB

  • Download and install the H-E-B Go app for Android here. If you are using an Apple device, download the H-E-B Go app for iOS here.
  • Register and ensure you provide your correct information including a function email address.
  • If you’ll want to checkout at any H-E-B Go kiosk, then navigate to ‘More’ on the H-E-B Go app interface and tap ‘Manage My Payment’ located under the ‘Profile’ tab. Add a card to your account to enable payment.
  • Use the app to scan items you are picking before placing them in your shopping bag.
  • Print a barcode using weigh stations and use the app to scan it. (You can also weigh items at checkout).
  • Ensure that unscanned items are placed together in basket, this is to ensure faster checkout.
  • Scan the QR Code at any dedicated H-E-B Go checkout kiosk using the H-E-B Go app.
  • Make your payment and get your receipt.

Do They Have Apple Pay At HEB?

Apple Pay is not available as one of the payment methods at HEB. Apple users are currently not allowed to use Apple Pay for payment of purchases at HEB.

This situation isn’t likely to change in the nearest future considering that HEB have their own payment method called HEB Go. This allows customers to pay for purchases without the need to engage a third-party.


So, does HEB have Apple Pay 2023? The answer is ‘No’, HEB doesn’t currently have Apple Pay, there are other simple ways you can pay for your purchases at HEB.

Payment for items at HEB can be done through the H-E-B Go app, American Express, Cash, MasterCard, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, Personal Checks, and Delta.