Does Amazon Deliver To Qatar

Does Amazon Deliver To Qatar? Read Best Complete Answer

This post provides an answer to the question “Does Amazon Deliver To Qatar?” If you are an Amazon customer who recently relocated to Qatar or you are residing there and you want to start buying stuffs at Amazon, chances are you’ll be asking if Amazon actually ships to Qatar.

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest e-commerce platforms worldwide, with millions of purchases being made on the platform by customers in the United States and several countries around the world, it’s pretty not surprising that people are asking if they can buy from the platform and get their orders shipped to them at Qatar.

So, are you currently at Qatar and wondering does Amazon deliver to Qatar? Read this post to find the correct answer.

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Does Amazon Deliver To Qatar?

Yes, customers residing at Qatar can order items on Amazon and have it delivered to them at Qatar. Although, not every item can be shipped to Qatar, you’ll always see the notice if the item can be shipped to Qatar on the item’s page.

Primarily, it isn’t about Amazon but the seller, it is the seller of the item that plays a major role in determining where the item can be shipped to. That being said, products sold at Amazon can be shipped to Qatar through major shipping companies.

Amazon usually delivers majority of their products through major shipping companies like FedEx, DHL, and UPS, these companies are all operating at Qatar. You can now see why it is possible to actually stay at Qatar and order a product from Amazon and it will be delivered to you.

That being said, you must know how to find your way around the Amazon platform and ensure you are buying from the right Amazon country website.

How To Buy From Amazon At Qatar

If you are residing at Qatar and you want to shop at an Amazon website and have the items delivered to you at Qatar, you must shop at the Amazon’s United States website, that is

Your items may not be delivered if you use any other country’s version of the Amazon website. Contrary to what is the general expectation of people, Amazon UAE doesn’t ship items directly to Qatar, you may be able to get your items delivered from Amazon UAE to Qatar by using a package forwarding company.

Also, you can use Connected Qatar for the shipping part if you want to personally decide who handles your shipping. However, you should be aware that Connected Qatar is a lot more expensive especially if your package is big and heavy. Also read Amazon FBA Removal Report

How Does Amazon Ship To Qatar?

According to reviews by Amazon customers, Amazon mostly ship items to Qatar using Aramex, UPS, and DHL. When a customer orders an item and wants it shipped to Qatar, they delivery charges will be a lot more and Amazon will send it to any of their major logistics companies for it to be delivered.

One good thing Amazon does is that they put every order together into one big package so the customer won’t have to pay multiple fees for package delivery.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Ship To Qatar?

Typically, items ordered at Amazon takes between 7 days to 30 days to arrive depending on the shipping company that is used and the weight of the package.

That being said, Amazon may show you an expected delivery date around 4 weeks, you are likely going to receive the order earlier than that date.

However, if you want your order to arrive a little early, you’ll probably get a Priority shipping which will cost you an additional $65 or so. Also read How To Sell Coloring Books On Amazon

Does Deliver To Qatar?

Presently, doesn’t deliver items to Qatar, as a matter of fact there is no other country’s Amazon website ships to Qatar except the American Amazon website which is

When you order an item from, the company will send the item to either DHL, Aramex, FedEx, or UPS. The item will now be shipped to Qatar.

Amazon doesn’t have an office at Qatar, this is why they don’t deliver items themselves but they use any of the top shipping companies to deliver to customers at Qatar.

Amazon – Qatar Delivery

Amazon to Qatar delivery usually takes between 7 – 30 days to get delivered and they use top shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Aramex, to deliver items to Qatar.

Before you consider ordering items at Amazon and have it delivered at Qatar, there are a few things you should avoid, we have outlined these few things on this post, keep reading. Also read How To Remove Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon

Does Amazon Deliver To Qatar

What To Avoid While Ordering On Amazon From Qatar

If you are ordering items on Amazon from Qatar and you want them to be delivered for you at Qatar, you should consider the few things outlined below;

  • Shop only at
  • Avoid buying heavy items to avoid extra shipping cost.
  • Don’t purchase items that you might return, this include items like shoes, clothes, etc.
  • Make sure you have provided the correct delivery address, any mistake on the address may take a long while to get resolved.

Amazon Office In Qatar

Amazon doesn’t have an office in Qatar, items that are to be delivered to Qatar are sent to FedEx, Aramex, DHL, or UPS. Also read about Amazon Dropshipping Account Lock.

Why Amazon Not In Qatar?

There is no particular reason why Amazon is not in Qatar, other than the fact that their customer base at Qatar isn’t currently much to necessitate the opening of an office there.

That being said, with the way the world is embracing e-commerce, it may not be long before Amazon opens an office in Qatar.

Does Amazon Prime Video Work In Qatar?

While Majority of the popular streaming apps used on Amazon doesn’t work in Qatar, Amazon Prime members can still access the service if they travel to Qatar. However, they’ll be changes to the selection of titles that can be streamed on Prime Video.

That being said, customers with compatible devices can easily download the titles before they travel to Qatar, this will enable them to watch offline while at Qatar.

Can I Sell On Amazon From Qatar?

Yes, you can sell items on Amazon from Qatar, this is because Qatar is included in the list of Amazon selling countries.
Basically, you need to create a seller account at and they will schedule a virtual interview with you before you’ll be allowed to sell to American people from Qatar.

How To Create Amazon Seller Account From Qatar

We came across a comprehensive guide on how to create an Amazon seller account and begin to sell on Amazon from Qatar. Read the guide as posted by Smart Plan Services, a seller at Amazon.

Here’s the Step by Step way to create Create Amazon ID From Qatar.

1) Get UK Address

You can use UKPOSTBOX for a virtual address. Note: It has around 2000 business addresses registered on the same address.

Tip: use your ClientID with your street address to make it unique.
Documents required: Pakistani passport
Cost: 12 pounds.
Time: 48 hours after registration.

2) Do UK company house registration

Tip: use the director’s address as your Qatar residential address.
Document required: Business Address
Cost: 12 pounds.
Time 24 hours after registration.

Note: you will receive an authentication code to your business registered address. UKPOSTBOX will scan this document for you.

Tip: once you successfully register and receive your incorporation letter. Kindly submit the document to UKPOSTBOX. They will register it with your business address.

3) Create TransferWise account

Create your TransferWise business and personal account.
Documents required: For Business Account: Company Registration number, Letter of Incorporation, Business address.
For Personal Account: Utility bill (Ooredoo or Kaharama)
Cost: 16 pounds (For Business Account transaction)
Time: 48 hours
Note: in case of any issue, kindly contact their support.

4) Create An Amazon Account

Finally, you are all set to create an Amazon account. Don’t worry about the redirection.

Go to, Signup the new account
Tip: Kindly use fresh email for this. Clear your browser cache.
Enter all the required legit details.
Business Name, Business address.
Use Qatar address for seller residential address.

Documents required: Company Registration number, Letter of Incorporation, Business address, Bank statement (TransferWise), Bank statement (Qatar Bank), Utility bills (Ooredoo & Kaharama), Qatar ID (Front and Back clear scanned picture).

Tips for the documents: Kindly don’t use Cam scanners. Properly scan your Qatar ID (front and back)
Use electronically generate bank statements.

For Utility bills: your Qatar address details must be mentioned on it. For Qatar bank statement: Please refer your Bank to have your Qatar address details on your bank statement.

Once you submit your documents. Amazon will let you set a date for an interview.

Tips for an interview: Print all the above documents, keep your original Qatar ID card, look fresh and professional and be confident.
Cost: 30 pounds. (recurring fee for a seller central)
Time: 72 hours.