Can I Pay Amazon With Apple Pay

Can I Pay Amazon With Apple Pay? (Best Answer)

Can I Pay Amazon With Apple Pay? – Paying for items on Amazon using Apple Pay sounds fascinating and lovely. Quite frankly, almost all Apple Pay users will be comfortable if payments on Amazon can be done using their Apple Pay accounts.

Apple Pay has gained lots of traction in recent times, the Apple owned payment app is notable for swift and secure online payment transactions. As a matter of fact, Apple Pay is now one of the most trusted mobile payment apps worldwide, this came as a result of its consistency in providing safe, swift, and secure processing of payments.

As major companies all over the world keep embracing contactless payment methods, it is no surprise that Apple Pay’s usage has drastically increased. Apple Pay is a mobile payment app created exclusively for Apple users, you can install Apple Pay app on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

For a company as huge as Amazon, it is just appropriate that they offer several payment options to their customers, this takes away any form of limitation while shopping. Just before we proceed, you can read our article on Can you use Apple Pay on Amazon?

Obviously, Amazon and Apple Pay are two different companies with their own payment apps which makes them competitors as far as online payment app is concerned.

Lots of Apple Pay users have been asking this question; Can I Pay Amazon With Apple Pay? No, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay for payment of purchases made on Amazon. Don’t go just yet, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel, there are other ways you can use Apple to pay on Amazon.

We’ve made a research on the topic Can I Pay Amazon With Apple Pay? Below is what we found out. Read on to learn how you can still use your Apple Pay to make payment on Amazon.

Can I Pay Amazon With Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t accept direct payment from Apple Pay on their platform. The world’s biggest e-commerce company has its own mobile payment app which works almost the same as Apple Pay.

This doesn’t mean that payments are not accepted from other Apple created payment methods. Despite not accepting Apple Pay, you can make use of your Apple Card or Apple Wallet to pay on Amazon.

It is a known fact that Amazon doesn’t accept Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods just as they don’t accept Apple Pay. The company doesn’t accept payments from other mobile payment platforms except Amazon Pay.

There isn’t any doubt that Amazon wants to encourage their customers to make use of their own mobile payment app, they don’t want to promote other companies’ mobile payment apps, that’s understood right? Yeah it is.

From the above, you can see that Amazon doesn’t generally accept payments from third-party mobile payment apps. It is also obvious that they may not be making plans to accept any of these mobile payment methods any time soon.

If you understand how payments are processed on these other mobile payment apps, you’ll admit that Amazon Pay works just like them. This is the main reason Amazon won’t think of accepting them even in future.

How Do I Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

The only way you can use Apple Pay on Amazon is to purchase an Apple Card on Apple and use it for payment at Amazon. Once you have your Apple Card, you can use it to pay for purchases at Amazon.

Apple deploys the MasterCard payment processing network, this is why Apple Cards are processed just the same way as MasterCard, they are generally accepted at stores and platforms where MasterCard is accepted.

Your Apple Card can be used conveniently on Amazon website or app, you’ll need to just add the Apple Card details as a payment method to your Amazon account.
With the Apple Card, you won’t bother much on not being able to pay with your Apple Pay on Amazon, your Apple Card works perfectly.

You can easily get your Apple Card without any fees and easily use it for payments on any platform that accepts MasterCard.

Why Is Apple Pay Not Accepted At Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t accept payment from Apple Pay because they already have their own mobile payment app known as Amazon Pay. Both Apple Pay and Amazon Pay work almost the same, they both accept same credit cards.

Also, there is no agreement between both companies to accept each other’s mobile payment app. Amazon values the security of their customers’ data, this is why the company doesn’t really accept other mobile payment apps. They want every financial transaction to start and end on their platform without navigating a customer to a third-party platform, this helps to keep their customers’ information save.

Can I Use An Amazon Gift Card And Transfer To My Apple Account?

The easiest way to do this is to use your Amazon Gift Card balance to purchase an Apple App Store/iTunes Gift Card on Amazon.

Can I Pay Amazon With Apple Pay

After you’ve successfully purchased the Apple/iTunes Gift Card, you can redeem it to your Apple account. It is impossible to redeem your Amazon Gift Card on your Apple account, the only way this can be done is to buy Apple/iTunes gift card on Amazon using your Amazon Gift Card balance.

This means you’ll need to redeem your Amazon Gift Card to your Amazon account first, then use it to purchase the Apple/iTunes gift card. Once you’ve purchased the gift card, open your Apple account and add money to it using the purchased gift card. Funding your Apple account with your Apple/iTunes gift card is just the same as funding it with your MasterCard.

Can You Use Apple On Amazon?

Yes, you can use Apple payment features like Apple Card and Apple Wallet to pay for purchases on Amazon.

Apple Cards are processed just like a MasterCard on Amazon. All you need is the Apple Card details, select ‘Credit and Debit Card’ as your payment option at checkout.

You can use any of the credit or debit cards stored in your Apple Wallet on Amazon. The only Apple payment product that isn’t accepted at Amazon is Apple Pay and that’s because using the app will redirect customers out of the Amazon platform.

So, Can I Pay Amazon With Apple Pay? No, you can’t make payment on Amazon with your Apple Pay app. But you can use Apple Cards and Apple Wallets to pay for purchases on Amazon.

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