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The biggest announcements from Google’s 2019 Pixel event

The year is coming to an end and different tech brands are launching their products. Google is not an exception to this.

Google’s big 2019 hardware event introduced a bunch of products  including the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, new Pixel Buds, Stadia, Nest Wifi, Nest Mini, and Pixelbook Go

What’s New With The Pixel 4 Camera 

Google’s Pixel 4 uses hybrid digital and optical zoom with both its lenses. It’s shipping with four new features: Live HDR Plus, allowing you to see what your photo, complete with the HDR effect, will look like after processing.

The camera app offers dual-exposure controls, allowing you to adjust brightness and shadows so you can get the look that you’re aiming for.

Google has been using machine-based white balancing to provide more accurate colours in tricky shooting scenarios. Snow, for instance, tends to look blue with some SLRs, but Google is working to ensure that photos look realistic on Pixel 4.

Lastly, Night Sight has been improved, and the company showed off Pixel 4’s ability to take pictures of the stars. It’s using a combination of machine learning on on-device hardware to accomplish better shots than what the Pixel 3 can achieve. The Pixel team says that it’s committed to making the Pixel 4’s camera better over time with software updates.

Google Announces The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL 

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have been revealed — officially, this time. Google started off by talking about its Soli radar chip, which it says enables gestures that you can use to command the phone without actually touching it.

Both phones have a 90Hz refresh rate OLED display, meaning that scrolling around on social media and through the news will appear much more fluid than it usually does on a phone. Both will also come in several colour options, including white, black, and orange.

It also detailed a recording app that can transcribe voice recordings. And it’s not just capable of transcribing, it can dive into recordings to find mentions of any word or sound.

Google’s New Nest Mini Is Like The Home Mini, But Smarter 

Google Nest’s latest smart speaker is the Nest Mini. It looks like a Google Home Mini, but a few things seem to have been changed. There’s now a hole in its underside so you can mount it to your wall, and it appears to use a sensor to turn on indicator lights when you move a hand toward it. Google Nest says that it will cost $49.99, the same price as the Home Mini.

Google Announces Its New Pixelbook Go 

Google has announced a new flagship Chromebook called Pixelbook Go. Despite the similarity in name to 2017’s Pixelbook, it doesn’t seem to be a follow-up. Instead, this one’s design looks (at a passing glance, at least) like to a modern MacBook — until you flip it over. Its bottom is covered in a ribbed texture that presumably makes it easier to hold.

Google All-New Pixel Buds Are Small, True Wireless Headphones 

Google has announced its next-generation Pixel Buds, called the “all-new Pixel Buds.” These are truly wireless headphones that allow for hands-free access to Google Assistant with the “Hey Google” wake word. They support long-range connectivity, and Google claims that they can remain connected to your phone through three rooms, or up to a football field’s length.

Google says that each charge lasts five hours, and its wireless charging case can last up to 24 hours of playtime. These will be available in spring 2020 for $179.

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