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Snapchat is Adding a New 3D Camera Mode

Snapchat has decided to step up its Selfie game and give Instagram features a reason to revisit the drawing board by introducing a new 3D Camera Mode and you know what this means, it just means selfies just got better *winks* 

Starting today, people with an iPhone X and above can use the 3D camera Mode to take selfies and also apply 3D effects, lenses, and filters to it. 

Relax, we know what you were thinking, those without an iPhone X can move their phone around to get a better sense of the dimensions. 

A Spokesperson from Snapchat further added that the company will eventually support additional devices. 

The first time this 3D effect was introduced was with the announcements of its latest version of Spectacles which includes a second camera to capture depths. Things like Confetti, light streaks, and miscellaneous animations are what the effects and filter 

The 3D selfies captured in Snapchart can be saved to the app or a user’s camera roll. The only disadvantage this would bring is the ability for people to move their phone around to change the image’s perspective. 

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