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Instagram Threads, the new App for Close Friends

Instagram has made conversations with close friends fun with this newly released feature called Threads. 

Instagram thread is a messaging app for only close friends. This app allows you to share text, photos and videos with only your close friends. It also allows the sharing of your location, status, and other intimate data. 

This has made people reconsider how they’re using the close friend’s list.  

Let’s see how it works. 

There are 3 Major Components for Threads on Instagram; 

  1. The Camera : The first thing you see when you open the app is the camera.This allows you to take photos and videos . Here, there is no filter but you can primarily use the app to message two or three people, you can put their profile picture right on the bottom of the camera screen. So you take a picture, then swipe their photo and send instantly, this process is fast. 
  2. The Threads (Inbox) : This shows your dm’s (Direct message) on instagram but its limited to your close friends. This would probably be like the shortest inbox in your entire live because it’s just limited between one and twelve close friends. 
  3. The Status Screen : It’s a modern-day take on the away message that builds on some previous Facebook efforts to bring back AOL away message-style status updates to the social network. To create a status, you pick an emoji and type out a few words or choose from among the many pre-populated statuses that Instagram has created. Then you tell Instagram how long to keep your status visible (from one to four hours).

Instagram also introduced  “auto status,” which will refresh your status throughout the day as you move about your life.It will update when you’re at work, at home but it won’t store your exact location. It will use the information to create “context”,  If you’re at home, you might want to go out, the thinking goes; if you’re at work, you’re probably stuck for a while.

Whatever it is, the company emphasizes that your status will be seen  by only your close friends.

For every app, privacy is very important because this has to do with the data and information of indidviuals that use this app. That’s why Instagram wrote a blog post about privacy. In their words, 

“Threads will request your location, movement, battery level and network connection from your phone in order to determine what context to share. For example, Auto Status might use your precise location to show your friends that you’re “ At a cafe.” Or Auto Status might detect that you’re biking and set your status to “ On the Move.” Before this is enabled, you’ll be told what information Auto Status is requesting and will be asked to specifically agree. Auto Status will not share your precise location with your friends, and when Threads sends location information to our server to look up locations, it’s not stored there – this information is only stored on your device for a limited time. It is also deleted if you remove Threads”

At the beginning of the year Instagram launched the check out feature where you could shop from vendors online, directly from the app, now Instagram just launched the threads, this seems to be an amazing time for these features to co-exist 

Instagram has made this feature readily availiable on iOS and Andriod 

Instagram has enough confidence in the product to launch it globally. It is rolling out now on iOS and Android.

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