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How to build a website without coding

The first thing you do when trying to find information about a product, service or solution, is to carry out a web search. The search engine results consist of various web pages, and the only way one can be among the recommended results is by having a website.

A website is a very important marketing tool that carries a lot of information about your brand which ultimately increases your chances of being found online.

Over the years, the process of building and designing websites has evolved – from manually writing codes that required deep knowledge of programming languages to more flexible and easy tools and builders. This has enabled people to easily create websites without having to contract programmers or even have to be programmers themselves.

These easy-to-use website builders usually consist of drag and drop features that do not necessarily require any installations.

Recently, a team of developers and designers at Cregital launched a website building platform called Disha Pages. Disha Pages enables and empowers content creators to make beautiful and responsive websites to showcase their portfolios and grow their business.

It is an easily customizable and instant website builder that houses every significant content⁠—pictures, videos, and social media links⁠—you would like to show your visitors.

Here are some amazing things that make Disha Pages unique:

– All you need to do is sign up. You can create an account with Google, Instagram or your email. 

– For every site built with Disha, you can switch between light mode and dark mode.

– It provides analytics which gives you the ability to track the actions of visitors on your site and get insights.

– You can get real-time support through the online community of creators.

– You don’t have to worry about the likelihood of being found on the web as Disha pages are SEO friendly, and have been optimized for search results using page titles, descriptions, and images.

– It requires no coding and design abilities. You can navigate through the elements by simply clicking, dragging and dropping. 

To get started with Disha Pages, visit, set up your profile details, and start building.

There are several solutions platforms online that help you create amazing websites but finding one that is simple to create with all the necessary design elements required of a modern website can be difficult and we strongly recommend Disha.

Disha Pages is a sub-product of Disha. Disha’s mission is to equip everyone with digital tools to grow a brand, help them do their work faster and more efficiently, and stand out in an increasingly crowded world. Another product Disha has is an email signature generator that enables people to create customized HTML email signatures.

Disha Pages is free, however, to enjoy unlimited access to pro elements, analytics, and custom domain names, a $5 monthly subscription would be required.

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