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Google Has Officially Announced “Nigerian English Voice” and other products

Every year since 2017, Google Nigeria holds an event, ‘Google For Nigerian’. This event encourages product announcements and updates. In its 3rd edition, Google Nigeria revealed some updates and product announcements. 

Nigerian English Voice

If you’re familiar with Google map and other google products, you would understand how exciting the Nigerian English Voice Update is. The ability to select a more relatable and understandable voice that could direct you is everything you could ever wish for in a map.

For voice prompts,  Google announced the availability of an option for Nigerian users to pick a Nigerian accent over the existing American one. 

A Google representative said, “Having a representation of the local language will help users relate better with these services and get more out of them.” 

This is the first in Africa and it would be available for Maps, Google Search, Assistant and other products requiring voice prompts.

More Street View

Google Maps has a feature called Google Street View, this feature allows users to interact with pictures and panorama of Streets. 

In Nigeria, no state had this technology except Lagos. Google announced that it has mapped 12,000km for Street View and will expand and include more states, which are Ibadan in Oyo State, Abuja, Enugu State and Benin City in Edo State. 

Maps for Motorcycle and informal transit

On Google Maps, there is an option to select the mode of transportation, this is located at the top area of Google Maps. 

Google brings to us the new cool, which is the new Motorcycle navigation, this is in addition to the regular cars, walking and public bus option

Guess what?? 

Google also made sure, this option will consider your safety, the best routes to navigate through and also save time for everyone. 

In the next couple of months, Google will in partnership with Road Preppers introduce a new direction experience in Lagos. Majorly to incorporate Lagos’ popular yellow buses, Danfo routes into Google Maps.

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Google Go Now has Lens, Discover Feed and New Gallery 

The lighter version of Google’s system, Google Go is getting previously unavailable Discover Feed and Lens, and a brand new Gallery Go.

Gallery Go

This is an offline app that automatically helps users automatically organise and group photos and documents.  Has features like Smart organisation, Editing tools and enhanced performance.


This shows users topics and news that may be of interest to them. It gives the latest update based on a user’s interaction with Google.


Google Lens is an image recognition technology that shows the details of an object. According to Google, Lens will  “help people read, translate, and search the words they see just using their camera. You can open Lens, point it at a sign, and listen to the words read out loud.”


Google is consciously trying to make reading easier for young children with the introduction of Bolo. 

Bolo is a speech-based reading app that encourages young children to read out loud and gives them customised feedback in real-time. Once downloaded, Bolo can work completely offline.  

Launchpad Space

Google has again, set the pace in Lagos by setting up a physical space for startups going through its accelerator program, Google Launchpad.

Head of Startup Success and Services, Launchpad Africa, Fola Olatunji-David said the space is meant to provide ease and accessibility to startups under the program.

Announcements for an online safety curriculum for Primary and Secondary School students that will potentially reach 56 million students were also made. 

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