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Factors to Consider when selecting an N-power device

The N-Power Volunteer Corps is part of the Federal government’s Social Investment Programmes, under which it plans to hire 500,000 unemployed graduates. The N-Power national scheme is set to give out different brands of n-power devices to her beneficiaries for their skill learning and acquisitions.

The devices come in 8 variants from which beneficiaries can select.

These are:

  • Samsung Tab
  • AfriOne (2-in 1)
  • Zinox
  • Brian Tab
  • Floss Signatures and
  • RLG
  • Speed star
  • Tecno

The basic features include:

  • Free one-year internet subscription;
  • Pre-loaded learning materials to support assignments (Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Learn Africa and all contributed content that can be accessed)
  • Over one million resources on each device.

Even though all tablets have the same features, here are some of the things you should specifically note for before selecting a device.

  1. Make sure you select an N-power device that you carefully understand the specifications and support information.
  2. Please note, however, that the cost of some N-power devices are above the amount the ‘Tool Grant’ covers. If your preferred device is above the amount covered by the grant, the additional cost will be deducted from your monthly stipend over the period of the programme, not exceeding twenty (20) months. So choose according to your pockets
  3. Whatever device you pick, money would be deducted from your account. So, choose one that is fair enough and the deduction won’t hurt your 30,000 naira so much.
  4. Get an N-power device that has a great battery life because this going to be your daily work tool and you do not want your device dying at just 1 pm.
  5. Finally, get a great working tab screen for enhanced vision and full enjoyment

You can click here for more latest information about the the 2019 N-power Device Selection.

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