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Exciting Features on your N-power Device

The distribution and collection of the promised N-Power device have been concluded in some major cities across the country for Batch 2016 volunteers. This is a guide on how best to use and manage your N-Power devices to maximum use of it.

Listed below are the features/benefits of the NPower devices distributed in conjunction with the Federal Government of Nigeria. These benefits/features would empower yourself and make the future brighter.


Each of the N-Power volunteers will enjoy one-year free internet access.

Did I hear you say wow!? Yes, it is designed to enable each beneficiary to get abreast with the workings of the internet and make use of it in upgrading their skills and job empowerment.

A monthly data worth 750 MB will be given to all N-Power volunteers in their device for the said one year. If you keep opening major internet sites that are heavy, your data may be exhausted and you have to wait till the next month to get new data. To access internet connectivity, you are advised to enable the mobile data feature on your N-Power device.

However, you can load your own data but know that there will be no rollover even if you did not use the monthly 750MB for that month to the new month. To check your data balance, dial *559*24#


Each device given comes along with chargers and a manual catalogue on how to start using the device. All devices are powered by Android, so it is a modern day device which you must use properly.Devices distributed range from Samsung, AfriOne, Tecno, RLG, Zinox Zpad etc.


Every NPower device is preloaded with NPower content depending on your program (N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health). Each content on the devices is pre-loaded to improve the volunteers knowledge base and also provide materials to improve productivity and teaching materials. Other content ranging from entrepreneurship, networking, finance, digital marketing, communication, etc.

NPower content that readies you to deliver in your PPA can be found in NPower deliver and Prepare. Other content that prepares you for employability and entrepreneurship can be found in the Learn section.


This is where you can connect to other volunteers and ask questions on what is happening in your area or get the latest information. I would advise you comment on each topic so as to get relevance on the platform. Ask questions and feel free to answer.

If you are confused about a question, you can create it yourself here and you will find other volunteers that will assist you in getting the issue resolved.


Numerous N-Power tools and application have been pre-install to help you have access to lots of information. You are advised to read through each one of this lesson in your spare times as they are for your own benefits.


You also need to start working on most install internet tools here. The opera mini browser will assist you to log in to various sites online, while Google search can help get information. The Gmail app will take you to your Gmail address if you have one or create one if you don’t have.

Get empowered and safeguard your future.

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