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Data Science Nigeria (DSN) Launches The First Artificial Intelligence Book In Nigeria

Data Science Nigeria (DSN), a non-governmental organisation that is keen on Artifical Intelligence and socio-economic development, recently launched the book “Beginners Artifical Intelligence and python programming”.

This is the first AI Book for Primary and Junior Secondary School students in Nigeria, and it aims at improving the skills of young Nigerians in Artifical Intelligence. This book was primarily sponsored by Softcom – a thinking company connecting people and businesses with meaningful innovation.

The major vision of  DSN is to raise one million (1,000,000) high-qualified, world-class AI talents in the next 10 years.

Dr Olubayo Adekanmbi the author of the book, said he desires that by 2025 every Nigerian child under-10-year old understands the concept of AI, it’s applications and builds the right skills set so that Nigeria becomes the talent pool for the rest of the world. 

He also added, that as a nation of 200 million people, with the median age at 18 years, it is important to prepare the young people for the future by exposing them to the right skillset, especially knowing that most of the jobs today will go into extinction in the next 5-10 years.

The idea behind DSN Artificial Intelligence Skill Building is to give young people the right skill for future jobs. DSN has taken the responsibility to enable every young Nigerian irrespective of their financial background to have access to the knowledge of AI.

This book would be distributed free to communities and schools, using the approach – Knowledge in a simplified manner. It would be given to schools and communities. 

It would also be available for purchase on Amazon and other platforms from the 1st of December. 

DSN is also working on building a system that will allow knowledge to be available to everyone. This is the initiative behind empowering and equipping the Teachers with the knowledge of AI. 

DSN concluded the summit by announcing the practitioner-led model where experienced and hands-on data scientists in Nigeria and in the Diaspora, train and mentor young Nigerians through face-to-face, virtual coaching classes, project-based support and holiday boot camps funded by individuals and corporate organizations such as Softcom, Terragon Group, Microsoft, MainOne, TechCabal, BlueChip Technologies, amongst others. 

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