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Apple is set to bundle Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple News Plus in one Subscription in 2020

Growth is one potential every company strives for and Apple is not left out of this race. First, it was Apple Music, and then it was Apple News Plus, and Apple Arcade, and, most recently, Apple TV Plus, and its biggest concern seems to be growing not profit. It has introduced a number of initiatives to make users try these subscriptions, including offering a year of free Apple TV+ with new device purchases and bundling TV+ with Apple music for students  

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is considering a subscription bundle that would include Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Apple News Plus. The bundle that’s supposed to come in 2020, does not include Apple Arcade –  the video game subscription service Apple launched in September.

But with each new service comes a new monthly fee, and those monthly fees quickly add up. Apple Music costs $10/month, as does Apple News Plus, while Apple TV Plus costs $5/month.

That’s $25 for all three, every month.

Given that, it’s likely that a bundle would potentially lower the overall cost for all three services perhaps $20/month for the trio, for instance.

Apple packaging these services together makes sense for Apple and it would be a good opportunity for growth as well as subscriptions that offer different benefit. Considering Amazon’s success with its super bundle (Amazon Prime). 

What this does is that it locks customers into Apple’s device ecosystem, creates a regular income stream, and offers plenty of opportunities for growth, such as new subscription levels that offer new benefits 

All theses are speculations, for now, we would have to wait for 2020 to see if Apple’s bundling starts to take shape. 

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