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Apple AirPods Pro: Is it Worth Spending 90,000 Naira On?

What is technology without constant innovation?

Apple has changed the headphone industry by introducing Airpods and it’s obvious that they not slowing down on their innovation. Airpods are basically regarded as the new cool, not just because of the price but because of the tiny earbud that fits easily in your ear, deliver outstanding sound and allows you to listen to music without you worrying about tangled earpiece that makes you look rough.

Image Credit: The Verge

You can now listen to music with a vibe with the just-released Airpods Pro which has raised the standard for the wireless headphones in tech.  

The Airpods Pro can be purchased for $249 (90,262 in Naira).  But before you make that buying decision you should consider these features. 

Active Noise Cancellation 

Active Noise Cancellation
Image credit: Amazon

Airpods Pro help you mute your surroundings when you want a little distraction from your music. They use an outward-facing microphone to detect external sound and then counter it with equal anti-noise, thereby cancelling external sounds before you hear them.  The noise cancellation is adjusted at 200 times per second so you always enjoy distraction-free music.

Apple also makes it easy to control noise cancellation from Control Center on an iPhone or iPad (just hold down the volume slider) or with Siri voice commands, so you don’t always need to squeeze.

Transparency Mode 

I’m sure most of us have seen people who never remove their earbuds at meetings and conversation. Most of the time they don’t intend to be rude or show off, it’s basically the Transparency Mode that allows them to hear what’s going on around them with just a press of a button. The force sensor lets outside sound in so you can have a conversation without pausing the music.

Transparency Mode
Image credit Amazon

You can use transparency mode in short bursts (to hear an airport announcement, order a coffee, etc.) or leave it active indefinitely. So if you like the sense of awareness that the open design of regular AirPods offer — when running outside, for instance — you can replicate that on the Pros.

Command Siri 

Image credit: Amazon

The Command Siri allows you add things to your grocery list, manage your calendar, make calls, send texts, and much more, all without lifting a finger because the Apple’s H1 chip allows for seamless integration with Apple’s proprietary tool, Siri

Water Resistance 

Image credit: Amazon

You can work out and go to the gym without worrying about the sweat affecting your wireless earphones

. The Airpods Pro is sweat-resistant and water-resistant but this does not imply that they’re waterproof or sweatproof.

Say No to swimming and taking a shower with your Airpods pro because it will end in tears. Airpods may finally get there but that feature is not available currently.  

To ensure your Airpods pro last, after workouts, heavy sweating or water splashes wipe your Airpods with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth before putting it into the wireless charging case. 

Don’t say did not tell you! 


Nothing lasts forever neither does the Airpods Pro. Battery life is rated at 4.5 hours for noise cancellation and transparency modes. If you keep both off, you get the same five hours as regular AirPods. These numbers are respectable but no longer class-leading; Sony’s noise-cancelling WH-1000X M3 earbuds can last for eight hours of straight listening.

Image credit: The Verge

The charging case allows you to listen for up to 24 hours so you can go through all of your errands without stopping to get a charge.

If you’re one of those people that heavily use your Airpods, its probably going to start dying faster over the years. This would make it easily disposable. 

One major problem with earbuds is that they are not repairable. Apple insists that it tries to recycle as much of each AirPod as possible, and it encourages customers to bring theirs in when the time comes to get rid of them responsibly. But it’s not possible to easily replace the batteries in any AirPods, so when they wear out, you’re most likely going to have to get rid of them. Maybe you’re okay with spending $249 (90,262 in Naira) on airpods that have a limited lifespan, but it’s something to consider.

Image credit: Apple

I’m sure by now you are considering upgrading to the Apple Airpods Pro but wait! 

It’s important to note that the Airpods Pro is the most expensive wireless earbuds, there are no improvements in any way to the battery life, so it’s the same as Airpods 2 in that regard. The Airpods has a limited span of 2 to 3 years.

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