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All you need to know about the new iOS 13 MEMOJI and how it works

Apple is giving you more ways to customize your Memoji avatar. The update, which arrives with iOS 13, will include more skin colours, new makeup, accessories, piercings and even the ability to customize your teeth. Apple is also letting you use Memoji in brand-new ways.

Memoji is one more way Apple is trying to personalize your device, while also standing out from rivals. While Samsung phones have AR Emoji avatars you can create,3D renderings initially creeped us out and Samsung barely mentioned the feature when it launched its Galaxy S10 phones. Google hasn’t come out with its own Memoji competitor, though standalone apps, like Bitmoji, are still popular for iPhone and Android.

Where you can use Apple’s Memoji?

Memoji can be used in the Messages and Mail apps, as well as your other favourite apps.

All the ways you can customize Memoji

With iOS 13, you’ll have more options for skin colours, hair designs, facial hair and makeup. There are different tabs you can move between to access each category (skin, hairstyle, eyes, etc.) From each tab, use the slider to adjust the skin, hair and makeup colours.

You’ll also notice more accessories options, like hats, glasses, Airpods, earrings, braces and piercings. Customize your teeth by giving your Memoji a gap, a missing tooth and even a metal grill.

What are Memoji stickers?

Instead of using emojis when you’re messaging your friends, you can use your personalized Memoji stickers. Once you design your Memoji, your iPhone will automatically create a sticker pack for you to use.

Where you can find your Memoji stickers

When you’re in the Messages app, Mail app or other apps, you’ll tap the icon of the globe to access your Emoji. From there, you’ll swipe left on your Emoji keyboard to see all your Memoji stickers.

Where do I go to personalize my Memoji?

In your Messages app, tap the Animoji icon and then tap the plus icon to create your Memoji.

When will I see this new update?

The updates to the Memoji avatars will come this September with the launch of iOS 13.

Will the Memoji update be available on all iPhones?

As long as your device has an A9 chip or later, you can use it this means you must have an iPhone 6S or later and a fifth-generation iPad.

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