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5 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored

The internet is a place filled with several contents that you can engage yourself with, so why spend your downtime doing nothing, when you can spice it up.

We have come up with 5 productive things you could do when you’re bored  

Let’s help you get productive! 

Learn a Skill

One of the most creative things to do when you’re bored is to learn a skill, this would help you in your life journey. The internet is one place where anything can be found, so why not try learning something new that will upskill you. 

Learning might sound dull and dreary but you don’t have to limit yourself to learning how to create spreadsheets or how to start programming. There are a number of skills that can be both fun and educative.

You can go as far as learning multiple hobbies and make money off the skill you learn.  Example: Your own Youtube channel, Blog, Podcasts, mobile apps, etc. Creative hobbies have also shown to be very good for the mind and to boost creativity example writing, drawing, photography, graphic design, Videographer etc. 

Try New Apps 

You can never go wrong with trying something new. Trying new apps is fun, it’s more of discovery – you’re introduced to different new apps and new innovations

Some recommended apps to try to include Eyowo, Adobe Spark Post, Acrobat Reader, Triller, etc.

Learning is a continuous effort and its something we should do even when we’re bored. 

Update your Resume 

I’m pretty sure that the average Nigerian employee or employer barely updates their Resume except when needed.

We can be super productive in our downtime by updating our Resume and leaving it up to standard. 

Why limit yourself to a text resume when you can create a video resume instead? Record a neat video and upload it to your YouTube channel. You can also create an entire website about your portfolio and give prospective employers a link to it. Create a resume using Canva and add that to your website. It is a great way to display your experiences and qualifications in a visually appealing way. Here’s how to create a resume using Canva to help you get started.

Organize Your Playlist 

If you’re like me that have a scattered playlist because of lack of time to arrange your songs then this is a perfect time.

One of the things you can do when you’re bored is to arrange your playlist according to your mood. Delete old songs, add new songs and arrange it.

Different moods for different types of music, party mood definitely needs energizing music that will help you dance and get in the groove. 

If you’re feeling stressed due to all the work pressure, slow tempo music will work best as it soothes your mind. When you’re sad, create a playlist with fast tempo songs that can uplift your spirits.

Play Games

Playing games is one fun thing I like to do when I am bored. It helps with relaxing and depending on the game, improves your critical thinking abilities.  

There are plenty of games to play when bored online: first-person shooter games, puzzle games, strategy and war games, city-building games, online multiplayer board games and even iMessage games.

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