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5 features of your N-power device that can make your life easier

The N-Power program gives out to her beneficiaries different brands of the device in the course of their one-year skill learning and acquisitions. Different tabs such as the Samsung Tab, AfriOne (2-in 1), Zinox, Brain Tab, Floss Signatures and RLG. These tabs are provided to help your work easier and to ensure that you are making the best use with the best resources.

Although did you know there are features on your N-power device that when accessed properly, can totally help your work become better and more enjoyable? Well, let’s fill you in.

1.Microsoft Excel Sheet: As an N-Teach teacher, this excel sheet helps you organise yourself and your tasks. For example, you would need to keep scores of students performance or make a result sheet or even a marking scheme. This feature makes life easy for you. As an N-Agro personnel, how best to record sales and future planning if not on the excel sheet.

2. Microsoft Word: Ranging from documenting day to day activities, setting examination questions, recording your experience etc. The Microsoft Word is a tool that any and everyone uses and we recommend that you use it too. All you do would be so much easier with Microsoft Word. A blank page waiting for you to create your magic in it.

3. Camera: How great to always capture moments of you teaching, selling, farming or even trading. For example, a customer wants to see the quality of your yams but he is in a different state, snap and send to them in less than 5 minutes.  By snapping your images, you create an avenue for saving time and reaching a wider audience. Besides, nothing beats the joy of creating and keeping visual memories.

4. Calculator: You are always doing business and having a need to calculate. You will either round off student’s scores, or your business profit from grain sales or even your monthly stipend. Who no wan make sure money complete? The free feature helps financial life better.

5. Alarm: This may be far from the coolest or most exciting use for the tablet; however, it’s a good feature for life productivity. In order to measure growth and defining a routine for your work, imagine having a specific wake up, and sleep time. your alarm is there to regulate your body into getting ready for productivity.

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